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Sports with Biden Bill as we push onto our first guest coming up at seven thirty. But I talked to fight a little bit about the unpire 's all the stats that were brought in here. And they said that the unpire 's in two thousand eighteen thirty four thousand two hundred ninety four pitches fourteen per game. And there's a couple of umpires have a persistent to strike bias with two strikes on a batter pyres were twice as likely to call a true ball a strike than with a lower count in the coun-. And how many times have we guys you got a date? Here. It is. Holy. Here's another one to fifty five games in two thousand eighteen ended with an incorrect. Ball strike call. The last out if defies the last pitch a ball. They call it a strike now, you can say you got you gotta better go to resume. You got fly hit the top ten performing umpires averaged two point seven years of experience, which means the younger on part, right? The bottom ten average over twenty years of service while so that that right there tells you a little bit of other thing, I asked this all the time. I kid I remember they get the do playoffs in all-stars own merit. The rotation. I think it's on merit. I think it's still merit. Wow. And then they also said the top five on Pires in the bottom five on parts, you go. Thank you picking on desk. Bill. That's okay. Umpires toss me out of the stands Laskey. Well, the. Like, I said, you know, the top five on Pires or all young guys, Mark Wagner. John Lipka 's thirty two will little thirty five then when you look on the opposite side of bottom five, which they said her twenty years, experienced Ted bear big tall. Ted barrett. Fifty four years old. He's the worst of bad calls. He missed a four thousand two hundred ninety one of them last year eleven point five four percent. And here's your buddy, Jo west cowboy seven years old forty years experience. Rob Drake's up there. A Gary CD Strom. He's sixty four I think I think cedar Stroman west of retired this year. But this is all two thousand eighteen I it's interesting stuff to hear it. And you know, they're always getting graded and go you always hear, you know, pitchers right now is your favorite on pod. Who is your Lee wire was my best not big lean gave you the most trouble. Bruce, roaming, Bill, roaming. Okay. I might be saying farming around from. You remember, Bruce from me, maybe go change my uniform when he was just the typical red. Bungee? There's always mad always growing. Right. I'm always, right. Always say you pitch. I empire. And then you had a lot of guys Frank pulling them on my favorites. He had Ed Brinkman. They were I've worked with them in April. We came to big leagues about the same via the thing that I wanted to throw to you. When we played there was nationally umpires in America. They were totally different strike owns the American League umpires big is their major league strike zone. I don't believe. So I like what I told you in the beginning the boxes the box. I think that's what they look at. I hate the Bach. Yeah. You want to get a call eight k are few on jump on here. Let's get some calls coming in. We got maverick from Sonora maverick. You're on can be our vitamin Bill tonight. How are you? Are you doing maverick? What's going on? You got your homework done. The saturday. Okay. Was your favorite player maverick? Did you watch the giants game today? Maverick. What did you think Madison? Bumgarner pitched pretty good. Who's your who's your favorite giants in the active players? Why why why do you like BUSTER Posey's so much? He's a catcher you catcher. What position do you play maverick? He's a pitcher pitcher. Oh, so was your best pitcher. If pitcher. Who do you like? By his. Better puffs feeding a male here, man. We watch old school baseball. I told him I watch vita blue pitch back in the day. And he and he watches YouTube videos before you feel video the pitchy. That's when you had hair. White. From heart back. All yeah. I used to live in twain Harte area, you got some flooding into Nora a couple of weeks ago. Right. Oh, yeah. But you know, what the bass fishing off the hook out here. Oh, I bet right now. Release. So you do a little little lunch on on the shore there when you go out data and we're going to Mavericks fishing tournament. Tomorrow. Don, Pedro good. Love was the good lawyer a device to name if you ever up here. We'll take him up on it. If I ever get back up my four daughters have been trying to get me back up there and laid is married to invite left all the time. But I just come up to play golf at the mountain springs on Mondays green, Honda whizzy and saddle creek. Oh, fries. I had it made up them into whether it was nice what they say of above the fog below the snow some little advertisement that they used for the foothills up there. Now, you said, Melissa. Yeah. We appreciate your time. Ovalles to some of the things that come about when we get back to the Pires when you start seeing numbers like this. And you said it maybe some of these guys when they get over fifty fifty five I think maybe the games too fast for it is the players are big fast strongest speed of the ball out to the ball that line. You got to be vigilant. When you watch the plays, especially from the from the pitching this mother question. Do you think it would just the thought guys that liked to do first base second base third base and guys that like to do home plate? Would you just let them specialize net? That's a great call. I I like that. Because maybe of course, you can't have the guy do the play two days in a right, right? Right. But maybe two out of the four guys. Absolutely. But then again, I I like them rotate like that. I know you, and I both talked about this so many times where you'd come into a city, and you're like, okay, I'm pitching. Guy. I know my guys second base and things like that. So close too bad boys, enema, limo, Joe schmo. But I mean, I I really go back to when we play was you got to know Pires you got to know the strike zone. You got to know them personally year after year. Right. And you know, you talk to them here. And there now that they change you don't even know what group comes in and they change per series. It's not like they're there for the home series through. There are different things that they're tune rotate. But, you know, same thing, I I'd like to know how many replays were turned over, you know, after the replay was done because you gotta have that evidence of you're going to return turn out to see if it's viable to continue to use it. It's interesting percentage of calls were overturned. But when I read this article, I thought how thirty four thousand pitches. Start shift in my head. A lot of pitches. You a lot of games again. It's probably over a million pitches. Yeah. Think so so is that what's that? What percentage of that? They're saying fourteen per game or missed that's the average that was the average and then they said one point six per inning. And you know, you're you're, you know, a lot of the movement is the cutter now that back foot slider. Well, no the till. Here's what happens. They miss a call. Then they try to make up a call. That's right. That's what adds today. That's who they make one up then they give one back to the posing team. Then they give you on. Then they give somebody else when you go like just a ball abolish strike because he's in three twenty home plate should not be as wide as debate Brie. And I still believe if you've got a rookie on the mound. And you've got a veteran. It's been in the league ten twelve years. The veterans going to get that ball office of veteran pitcher. Rookie hitter. Sure. But it should strike strike is a strike is a strike is a strike. I remember a line that Bruce said to me what I said, where's that pitch? Whereas pitchy goes I can make you or break keep arguing with. And you know, what I still remember him saying that to me and look years ago, and I on pack, but it's true. An empire can do that. Yeah. I'm pyre can't at the worst of all this when they hold a grudge some incident that happened. Let's say even AAA in the big leagues that come home and let let it go. Let it go. Well, we're going to talk to our first guest here coming up in a couple of minutes, Gary Lavelle, and we're going to ask him because Pudge never argued. Did. He I never saw him arguing for ball. He doesn't have a mean bone in eight doesn't he still doesn't either? So let's take a break and bring out our good, buddy. Gary Lavelle on Cain. Be are the sports leader will be right back. He's on the hill with vita blue and Bill Laskey sponsored by Nargis markets with eight locations to serve you in.

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