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A standalone election could cost. $350,000 Lake Force is one of four cities that have until next month to opt out of the OC Power Authority, which was created by Irvine. Some scientists say air quality during fire season could be worse than we thought. Smoke lingering in the air during fire season apparently has living things catching a ride. Research report, published in Science says an unknown number of microbes, which includes fun guy have been found in the smoke, which can be harmful to people breathing it in the smoke rises in the air because of the heat and eventually settles in the valley, where it can get into people's lungs and on their skin and clothes. Cal Fire says more than four million acres burned in California last year because of nearly 10,000 fires. Rob Newton Ko Phi News is brought to you by American Vision Windows. A famous private eye has helped solve his own death. Some people tried to rob Jack Palomino in San Francisco and still his camera. He fell down and hit his head. But Palatine Oh, got some photos of the criminals. Police arrested two people Sunday a day before Palate, you know, died of his injuries. Palomino had several celebrity clients, including former President Clinton. Harvey Harvey will Feinstein, Robin Williams and rapper Snoop Dog He was 76 Homeland Security says illegal immigrants don't have to worry about ice enforcement near vaccination sites. The Biden administration says equal access to Cove in 19 vaccines for immigrants is a moral and public health imperative. Ice already has a policy going back to the Obama administration against most immigration enforcement and sensitive areas like hospitals and schools. And Chinese police say they've busted a ring peddling Fake cove. It 19 vaccines more than 80. People were arrested in a scheme to sell simple sailing solution disguised as a vaccine in China and abroad from the southern California Toyota dealers Traffic.

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