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Now and get $3000 off It's 9 O 8 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s Jack Taylor's in the traffic center All right watch for some delays Maryland at a white oak on New Hampshire avenue north near valley brook drive apparently you've got a wreck there with just the left lane getting by limited lanes westbound beers mill road near Aspen Hill road There is a crash authorities are on scene It's now utility work along Rosemont avenue up in Frederick both ways between Montevideo lane and rocky springs road sound like traffic had been diverting so please follow crew direction Up in Frederick three 40 east out in near 15 state highway says a crash moved over to the right shoulder It had been blocking the far left lane The crash in the delay topside out of lipid university boulevards over on the right shoulder the slowdowns from 95 toward Georgia avenue then briefly in the big curve interlude cleared out headed down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge coming in from joint base Andrews headed toward Alexandria We do have some slowing both sides of the BW Parkway north leaving NASA Goddard toward powder mill southbound approaching one 97 headed back toward powder mill also a delay southbound way up near one 75 95 looks good both ways between the beltways We had some slowing in the district leaving the third street tunnel three 95 south toward main avenue and the outbound case bridge Definite slowdowns both sides of D.C. two 95 the long-term work zone south and north of Pennsylvania avenue both sides of D.C. two 95 working along the left side of the roadway Now we've had trouble in Virginia 66 late headed west out near the fairfax county Parkway the crash along the right side We also had a delay 95 south headed toward the aka kwon northbound was slow and woodbridge then briefly moving through newington Prince William Parkway south between balls for a road and suddenly manner drive he'd been under police direction there around an earlier wreck Golf has you covered with what you need for mom on Mother's Day shop all the best women's clubs apparel shoes and more Visit golf golf en tysons or online at golf dem golf dot com Jack Taylor TOP traffic And here's my standard with a wet forecast Waves of rain will continue to push across the region today It's going to be heavy at times by late this afternoon a risk of thunderstorms are high as a little bit 50s and keep in mind.

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