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Are the defensive stepped up a little bit. More dan when he was drafted when he was coming out. I really said drew things about lamar. I said listen. The mars got a chance to be a really good player if he used the right way and they have used them the right way up into this point. But i also said this when you take a god-like lamar you have to go all in with everything. You have to go all in with scheme and you have to go all in with the people around that scheme. It can't be a traditional nfl offensive roster you got that very specific offensive linemen. That are part of your run game. They're better run game. Blockers than pass game blockers. You have to have very specific tight ends. That are part of your run game more so than your vertical stretch pass game and you got to have very specific receivers and so to make it work. They went all in in. One of those pieces gets taken away. It has a bigger impact than your traditional. Nfl offensive personnel wise. Because you know when you're a green bay packers you can have a multitude of back that fix your fit your offense offensive lineman or wide receivers because they don't have to be so specific to the scheme with the ravens they have to and when one gets picked off. It's it's bigger than a normal. And i think you look at this. Compared to last year's like the offensive line is different. And it's harder to find those people to replace those different offensive linemen the same the tight end so it's perfect. Storm of the injuries have have been impactful. Defenses have caught up your more predictable. 'cause you're play bookish smaller when you go all in and that offense and lamar is i. I don't look at it as lamar has taken this step back. I think the the confusion that they created against defenses. Last year isn't as confusing. He's dan orlovsky live analyst. If i said you can have the chiefs of the field to win the super bowl in a runaway. No one's beating them here. Here's i wrote this down this morning. This is how the chiefs are going to not win the super bowl this year. I wanna find my notes okay. The chiefs did not win the super bowl that you have to hope that. They played their see game which they haven't really this year. You have to hold the ball as long as you possibly. Can you hold it. You have hold it if it's your run game great if it's your perimeter screen game. It's the quick game in the past game. that's fine you have to force threes and not sevens on defense at least three times. You've gotta make them kick a field goal and not a touchdown you have to make them drive the field. You've got to stop the explosive past game. So many coordinators got gotta stop the run. You know you have to stop the explosive past game. Make mahomes play barring football You've got to be able to have a quarterback that can create special place as much as mahomes does. He's gotta match. The i went above the xs and os plays as much as homes does so and then in the fourth quarter. You gotta make more big place. People think it's the tennessee. Titans that can beat the chiefs. If you told me they had taylor lewan. It'd be a little bit more on board with that. I think the team that can do it as the buffalo bills. I think the bills can go punch for punch with them. Offensively are the quarterback can make some like weird place that go above xs and os and they could be explosivea defensively but kansas city was lucky to win the super bowl..

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