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About a man who came to a sixty years old to come to us with a bladder cancer is a quadriplegic and a gunshot wound thirty years ago I can only move his tiny little figures to go into a super pooper big hospital they found the bladder cancer can't move his legs he's got contractions and so they want to do radical services sixty year old man he's got bed sores he can't movies paralyzes arms are paralyzes legs are paralyzed hasn't moved in thirty years they want to remove his bladder they never told her about all the options is the same old story I've told you before he goes into the super hospital where these been cared for for thirty years you have bedsores they haven't provided that he's has a bladder cancer they want to remove his bladder not telling them about all the options and I can tell you for bladder cancer is removing the bladder is a big change in life for me angel never urinate the same in every year and it in a plastic bag or through a two for men the prostate and bladder removed together means a sex life is kaput it's a big surgery it's not so successful and equal at least equally successful was our non invasive treatment with low cutting and bleeding radiosurgery of the bladder this is the work we do been doing it for decades for bladder cancers bladder cancers the block the bladder holds the urine mostly cancers in the bladder not all the cancers but most of the cancer start in the lining of the blood of transitional cells and then grow into the muscle well this round there's gonna was radical removal of his bladder nervous ran cat movies a quadriplegic and they never told about all the options is chosen or treatment we've mapped amount we're sending in beams to attack his cancer this is the work that we do every day and I can tell you when I see many people with bladder cancer is often I see people at.

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