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Good morning america. This is the roundtable chunk expertise here sunday morning what's going on in the world china more problems than rethink this morning we have with this betsy mccoy former lieutenant governor of new york state and currently working to it's helping people in reducing infections in hospitals good morning miss mccoy. How are you this morning great to talk with you. John and we're talking about a payroll that most people don't know and that is you go to the drugstore. You picked up your prescription. It usually comes with a little round plastic vial and it doesn't say made in china china on it but the odds are that the active ingredients in your medication particularly if it's a heart drug for example are from china a while i guess is nobody knows it. There's no disclosure disclosure at all and the twofold threats. It's a national security threat for example. We rely liane china for almost all or antibiotics imagine if this trade were escalated and china said stuff exports of antibiotics to the united states day to throw her hospitals and chaos that is very concerning military personnel rely on drugs made in china our own if there was ever a war you don't need bullets. He just you have to do is pointing. Those drugs and we've got some some examples of that. I'll tell you about in a minute or stop sending them. What is that all the people in the military who are relying on heart medication. I understand president trump. Trump told the chinese chinese agreed the there were some very bad fat node mixed with some of the drugs <hes> that was is coming into america that they were gonna stop importing feno and they never did. I am so glad that the president it's taking a hard line on china because literally china is waging chemical warfare against the united states with these illegal drugs spent. Do you know how many people have died from sentinel overdoses in the last three years alone seventy nine thousand americans. That's more than all. The people killed the vietnam war. All the americans killed them. The vietnam war iraq war and afghanistan hostilities as well but cheryl oh but getting the prescription drugs these are supposed to be legitimate unfortunately if you get your prescription drugs from china and and as i said forty percent of the active ingredients are from china you really don't know whether they're safe because the FDA so them inspects these these plants in china <hes> some of them have never been inspected and we've had quite a few recalls now right now the FDA over the the last eighteen months. It's had fifty recalls of blood. Pressure meds from china because of contamination there contaminated with carcinogenic jets. I'll tell you <hes> betsy mccoy. You are scaring me and probably a lot of americans <hes> listening to this interview. You know the president said the other day. Let's manufacturer more things at home. We are going to start with drugs because we depend on them. For our lives lives. We depend on them for our national security. So why should why should we be reliant on a country that is clearly an adversary. Let me ask you missile quite you know somebody's drugs are imported by a some of our largest pharmaceutical companies merck pfizer hello johnson and johnson don't they have a responsibility to check the quality as they come in from china well they do and there there's a twofold full responsibility the companies and the FDA is well and unfortunately the FDA has really fallen down on the job. Here's a here's a piece of information from the general enroll accountability office a big federal investigatory office. They found worldwide the FDA only has twenty nine inspectors just to cover over three thousand four hundred factories so you know they're not getting to these places and one of the worst examples of what's what's happened with the drug called heparin and <hes> in two thousand and eight there was sticking widespread contamination of this blood listener from china but eighty one americans dodd eighty one americans from the heparin poisoning before lorde the FDA got on it that is troubling depending on wrote. I am sure the FDA is listening listening to this or read your your op-ed in the new york post written last week and i'm sure some of the pharmaceutical companies these have read it have you brought any particular people's attention other than writing this op ed piece well of course and i've i've had this column appear in many places across the nation syndicated and i'm corresponding with people about it because there should be more attention but i don't wanna unfairly totally blame the FDA because the onus of this responsibilities in china and the chinese officials literally refuse in some cases to aw acknowledged their culpability in that they resist having the factories inspected they repeatedly denied that they were responsible for the f. word poisoning which ultimately the FDA concluded will probably intentional not even just a question of the squalid factories where these drugs are made. They think intentional betsy mccoy <hes>. I think <hes> you were going to get everybody's attention on on this interview alone and hopefully that's going to help reduce the problem. <hes> let's go onto another subject. What else would you like to talk about sending morning. We had a couple of minutes left the issue of bathing. I think that's very very important issue because they bring is an ineffective harm reduction products for people who are hooked on cigarettes and in that sense. I think it's a very good thing but we don't know the long term consequences a bad thing but right now we're seeing dozens of sicknesses businesses lung illnesses across the united states mostly in young people and it appears that they're connected to bootlegger counterfeit bathing products addicts again brought in from china falsely labelled some of them are labeled with the jewel label for example flavored products the jewel took off the market many many months ago in cooperation with the FDA so you're looking at chinese so breaking the law and poisoning our kids how how clearly we can. I say it then most of its comes in from china again. Oh yeah because the investigations that are going on right now are linked to to these products which are falsely labelled they're being sold and smoke shops and convenience stores around the country and they're being brought in from china because the FDA bartha legitimate companies from marketing flavored vaping products so the chinese came right in with their poisonous false counterfeit products roddick replaced the ones that were taken off the market that mccoy i wanted to mention on the work you do and bringing these things to be attention of you've the pharmaceutical companies bring to the attention of the FDA. I hope <hes> we we make progress. I hope we keep all american and safe and hope we people americans healthy and thank you for the work. You're you're so welcome. Your show is a public service. Thank you this and we'll catch up again real soon when you haven't updated information. This is the catch roundtable will be right back..

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