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NewsRadio. Time is 102 Frontier Airlines says it acted in good faith during the pandemic, But the Giza office says it's fielded complaints. State Attorney General Phil Weiser says he's received more than 100 complaints from frontier passengers who couldn't get refunds, used flight credits or even get help on the phone. Some people said they were disconnected. Mid call or parked on hold for hours. Wiser wants the U. S. Department of Transportation to investigate Cathy Walker Koray News radio governor, Polish visited southern Colorado on Tuesday. He says Colorado is still in the range of having several 100 new covert 19 cases per day. But it seems tohave plateau DH from the increases of several weeks ago. Governor says Mask wearing has been very important. True mass Wearing and social distancing. Colorado has been more successful than many other states in keeping this pandemic suppressed. The levels that allow for people to return to work returned to school whether it was last week this week or in a month. Aunt. I think Colorado families really value that forward Progress and mass wearing his important part of that whole assess. Colorado seven day positivity rate is just under 3%, the Broncos season opener less than two weeks away, wide receiver Courtland Sutton talked about quarterback Drew lock with a new offense. Okay, we're trying to Get those rights back. But I also understand the urgency way have that time. So on maximizing all those reps in Teo The masterful in our crowd, understanding the system and Jews. During that, Sutton says. Lock has embraced the pressure of being the starting quarterback and has been pushing himself to be perfect at every aspect. Nicola Yoko today shot in the lane with 27 seconds remaining and the Nuggets held on for an 80 to 78 victory over the Jazz in Game seven of their first round. Siri's Utah missed a three pointer as time expired to send Denver into a second round matchup with the Clippers. I'm Chad Bauer on K AWAY NEWS radio Thrill Lombardi Trophy is coming home, winning it all mile High City Broncos Thrill Aggie 2015 Broncos postseason Tomorrow night at six. It's the big game here, the Broncos win their third championship Super Bowl 50 against the Panthers hazard on the home of the Bronco..

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