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Benefit but it is important to note that and you can see this from the left from the right from the centre from independent analysis is that the vast majority of americans you might say well it's not enough or you might say i'm mad because the rich are getting more of a benefit than i am but but the vast majority of americans are going to see a tax benefit themselves on their individual returns from this tax plan in that does not include that's not even we're not even factoring in what the impact could be on individuals because businesses we'll get tax reductions small businesses are going to get tax reductions corporations are going get tax reductions and the expectation is not all but many of those will reinvest in their companies will hire more people will pay better wages will buy more equipment i understand not everybody's going to do that some of its going to be buybacks doc in those kinds of things i get all that i get all that but if there is overall economic growth then there is going to be a net gain it's going to benefit most of americans okay what did too i just wanted to point that out there that does come from eight progressive a couple of progressive organizations looking at this tax plan right when we come back speaking of the tax plan there's a part of this this has not gotten a lot of attention but is very significant and it has an impact believe it or not on athletic departments of major colleges and universities and it's pretty significant we'll talk about that when we come back how explain it to you what's going on and then eleven thirty will hear from wvu athletic director shane lyons this.

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