Senate, Brad Kavanagh, White House discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


As you know, John one of the things that happen in these in these last years in our politics that the center, the swing has kind of gone away. And so there's a, there's some swing that's still there. And a lot of those people have already moved into the camp that they're in as you suggest. But the energy question is, is hugely important. An off your election. The biggest problem that Democrats have had in off your elections has been that there. Airbase does not turn out. Well, these these hearings are going to go, I think going to do nothing, but add further energy and a further sense of passion to democratic voters. A lot of women vote a female voters in the democratic base. In addition to those ones in the middle that I talked about before, who need an incentive who need motivation to turn out, they don't generally turn out. This is another thing that's going to further energize. Then in addition to the possibility that it will depress some of the Republican female turn out as you just adjust the second ago again, does it? Does it change the course of of the election? No, but it just furthers trend lines that are already pretty firmly baked in Senate Joyce fans. What does it positive that could come out of the day, if any, what are you looking for? Well, hopefully the country will get some closure. We'll be a little bit further forward towards understanding these allegations that really, that's a pretty slim hope. Right. I don't think that we'll see closure at the end of the day. Maybe we'll be a little bit further down that road. We will end today with more. Questions than we start today with almost certainly will have a sense of additional witnesses will have a sense that there needs to be a revitalised f. b. i. background process will have a sense that we're not ready to have a vote tomorrow. And this is so heavily reminiscent in so many ways and John, hi, almonds comments made me think about what happened in Alabama during the special Senate election where allegations came forward that ROY Moore, one of the candidates for that Senate seat had engaged in sexual misconduct with young women that energized voters and energized women in ways that we had never seen before in Alabama. If in fact, the Senate and the house go democratic. After this election, we'll see that clip that you played at the start of the segment of the president saying, women are angry. We'll see that played the morning after the election because it will be women and their anger at the process that goes on today that will drive voters to the polls. What's the best case scenario end of the day today for the White House, what are they hoping we'll. And a lot of people saying, if the judge cavenaugh can just hold serve, if there's no new bombshell, but go ahead with the vote and he will be confirmed. I the best case scenario for the White House is that Brad Kavanagh comes out sounding a bit like President Trump and that he's in his defense that he is saying over and over again that he did not do this that he saying and that he is while while he's pushing back against his accusers, he doesn't. He hasn't really go too far because obviously, these are still women that have been that say that they've been sexually assaulted or a rate and the you don't. He doesn't wanna be seen as attacking the victim. The problem is that even after all of this, there's going to be more accusers out there that have not been able to testify there at least four other women who aren't going to be testifying at this hearing. So I think the best case in air for Brett Cavanaugh is at the presidency this performance and says, you know what? I'm going to still stick behind this guy and even if there are more women that come out, I'm impressed enough that I'm gonna willing. I'm willing to stake my legacy and appoint him to a lifetime..

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