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Kamala Harris, is under fire for helping to win the release of a man who's now suspected of murder. Last week, 47 year old George Howard was driving a white Volvo on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis when he got into a road rage incident with a man in a blue BMW. Both cars, then pulled over and when the man in the BMW 38 year old Luis Ortiz got out. Police say Howard shot and killed Ortiz then sped away. It was caught on surveillance, and Howard was quickly arrested, but we should note two things one because of previous convictions. George Howard was banned from having a gun and to Howard might still have been in jail after being arrested for domestic assault in early August, But instead, he was released on bond. Posted by the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Fox is trace Gallagher reports. The Freedom Fund helps to arrange bales for members of minority communities that it believes have been unfairly impacted by the state's criminal justice system. Police in Florida have arrested three people and charge them with stealing the identities of some of the people who died in the collapse of a condominium building earlier this year. Cyber grave robbers did move very quickly. After the collapse to grab what they could from deceased victims, while families and friends were an absolute emotional turmoil. Their motto could have been. Your loss is our gain. State's attorney Katherine Fernandez, Rundle says they are investigating other possible cases. At least 98 people died in the Surfside, Florida condominium collapse. Testimony began Wednesday in the trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. She is charged with defrauding investors of millions by promoting a blood testing technology that prosecutors say she knew didn't work trial is expected to last about three months at the US Open tennis tournament. Novak Djokovic has beaten Matteo Bertini in the quarterfinals. Just two wins away from the calendar year Grand Slam..

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