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News center. So flights at seatac today have been delayed the port of Seattle. Gary Cooper says some plans have been delayed by a few hours in some cases at this point. It's just sporadic. And if you're flying today check with your airline to see if your plight is on, Tom, of course, give yourself the extra time you need to get to the airport. Conditions are bad just about everywhere this morning couples there on talking to drivers in Everett is pretty nasty out there pretty thick snow. It's really dry and compact, but it's kinda deceiving. So you just need to go slow keeping lower years. What are you seeing on the roads with other drivers their spinning out? There's some drivers was in traction. And that's the story in the north end with all the snow and ice leading that serious concerns about the local blood supply. Komo's Charlie harder with that story. Maybe you've decided to stay at home because of the treacherous roads in for most of us. That's just fine. But John Yeager with bloodworks northwest says if you can hook it over to a donation center or blood mobile bay, depreciate it, obviously there is no such thing as a snow day when it comes to what collection we need nine hundred donors a day to supply, the one hundred hospitals that we get to and we are currently looking at possible five hundred donation he says, it's not an emergency yet. But the concern is that it'll become one of his goes on for much longer. Charlie Harger, KOMO news time for the mornings snowy and icy commute the do highway ninety nine tunnel opening for commuters. As we hear more from komo's Frank Lenzi delay your commuter. Stay off the roads this morning. The state transportation department says do it much Dave sour says if you can't then give yourself plenty of time. He points out the drive through the tunnel will be totally different than the old drive over the viaduct. And there will be police at Republican and Royal Brome to direct traffic. There could be some driver confusion, and.

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