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Extra seventy five southbound Parkway exit thirty seven a tire second left lane still blocked police just there and you're jammed out of the Bill area, Peachtree industrial north also over ten minutes delays right lane graduate winners chapel road. And there's too many by virtually no improvement on the eastern south well over an hour, Georgia four hundred or get around to Memorial Drive at all thirty gap. Kenny stills, dad eastern, north flat shoals up has died twenty and the sandy springs. Pretty much color red and yellow most of the way for four hundred twenty exit ten the west freeway, Eric, okay? Real quick before we get out of here. There is a great article in the Zona Republic newspaper this weekend pointing out, you know, the United States is the one country that has really walked away from the Paris accord, very publicly we're technically still in it until twenty twenty but the president has made no more commitments to it. And here's the great irony of it is worthy only country actually complying with the Paris accord. We're not even in it. We're the ones actually making measurable rollbacks. Now, interestingly enough the. The Paris rioting situation. It's not just about the fuel tax, but the fuel tax release the impetus for it in a number of other clean energy issues related to the fuel tax global warming. For example, the French government now wants to increase taxes on cars, they impose new regulations that have taken a lot of cars off the road driven up costs for consumers really taxing people out of the ability to drive, but in addition to that there are a bunch of free market reforms in the business space that Macron has done that has also caused the right? So it's not just fuel. But that he actually is the primary motivator out there the fuel tax, and they're renewable energy standards and whatnot. They've imposed the media though is doing their best to avoid talking about those focuses on the free market reforms. And it's just it's dishonest. What we're seeing here is that the environmentalist left solutions for climate change, a are not palatable to most people and as a result. They're gonna have a hard time advancing their aggressive agenda and it bears watching the story. I don't have a ton of time to go into it tonight, but pay attention to the story, and how the media is not covering it. Honestly, Eric.

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