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Sweating. And there's a good chance. I might hand it off to you to finish it because also a little bit under the weather. This is I mean, this is longer than any book I've ever read. All right. Let's go ahead and get this done. Then this is a Kobe Bryant talking to his agent, rob Pelinka who is now the guy who has the most power in the Lakers org. Asian. Let up. The nose Cini his hiring magic to take over as president of the Lakers. And he's going to get a product. Rbis. Those do a few championships together, it becomes a real threat to me the most beloved Laker ever. And you know, how the mama tax when he feels threatened either buys eight carat four million dollar ring. He teams up with you his agent at Palo snake? The always stop this is for me to use you to impel trait. The organization. There are way. Sabotage and slithers things and sabotages them better agent with a bad haircut. Name rob bowling seriously. What's going on there? How do you have to galax lesson abroad? His come in here and mess things up. So we need to mess things up more. So here's what. Object. He's favorite. Everyone knows everyone eight to they should've pass less. One more. Going to call genie and convince her hire you as Lakers new Chia. Every time you get excited. That greasy smile on that waxy face appears. Cheaney's never liked you about loves me. And while you have no experience, and it seems crazy. It's no crazier than hiring. Magic to be the president backed hiring. You export sense. You have three main objectives number one. Make magic look bad. When he goes, a why does it tell Cheney you I'll fake missile art to bring out of hiding? Make abroad regret the day. He decided to come here when.

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