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Is live. This would be different if you had like ace of spades or ace with Jack of spades. Ace Baja spade. That would be a hand that's closer to the fold, because then he could just randomly have ace clean or something silly. It does make the call. We'll fast forward. Just make it interesting. 7 is interesting. And we're going to the Turner clubs. So Tony duds has knocked out Griffin Paul. All right, he's gone. Goodbye. How deep are they? Not very deep. They were in a final table. Stack steps are kind of hard to see in these I completely understand. If you have questions about hands. We're not going to answer them here today, but make sure you check out the poker coaching study ses on Discord, ran by Louis Philippe. I'm just seeing amazing job there. Check it out. Olay again. Broken hearts. Aw. Yeah, Ryan on this hand looks down at a queen's 7 of hearts. Just gonna call it, and ola with a king deuce of arts. Let's go floppin. Flop is a 6 5 three two hearts. Big flop for both players, ola has the second nut flush straw but Ryan has a gush shot straight draw and a flush straw so it's gotta look pretty good to him. Come on. This is a huge all in. It really puts all in a tough spot because he's got to think to himself what type of hands would Ryan just make this massive overt shove with funny enough. This may look absurd just rip it in here with the queen 7. But from a GTO point do I think you are supposed to have shoves here assuming you are the medium stack? I saw there were three people at the table. I'm not sure of the stack depths here. But whenever you are the medium stack, you really, really, really don't want to get called in general. So you would jam here with some reasonably high equity hands, like, perhaps a 6, 6, four, stuff like that, maybe like pocket 8s, hands are like almost certainly good but very vulnerable. And then you're also jamming with some brawls. Usually the lower flush draws. I don't really want to bet and call off. This one might be better off Tibetan call off really, but this is a spot where you should be using big overshadows. There was actually a hand like this came up in the $100,000 buy and bubble that I took 5th place in, where on the bubble, somebody raised, I call big blind with like 8 5 O clubs or something. And the flop came, I don't know what the flop came. 6, four, three or something, with two clubs, so I had opened a strange drawing gush out or something like that. Anyway, I tracked he best small and I ripped it in and he called it off with the king Queen of clubs. And I was ahead by one. Give me a nice chip going to the final table. But that's the spot where he should have just ripped it in. In a very similar spot to this, because if he bets and I jam, the king Queen of clubs there becomes almost a fold on the bubble of a $100,000 tournament, right? And the money was 250 K or something. It wasn't just a small. It wasn't only a 150 K to get in the mint catch. It was like a decently big man cash as they often are in small field tournaments. So that's the spot where I think this is a pretty good spot to shove stuff like this. A lot of people don't do. It looks like a draw. You gotta call off here the king of hearts. It's not to what you have. Here again, do you beat draws? Yes, this hand does beat some draws mainly 8 7 9 8, et cetera of hearts. And also does it have good equity against the likely made hands which are going to be like pockets a 6, et cetera, and it does. So you just got a call. Wow. And all is going to make this call against him. All that feels pretty good about his king high flush straw. I got this madness. That's not thick, fantastic is out in third place. Goodbye. All right. Is it still going to move to shove any spots if it was a cache name? Probably not. Because I mean, really, you want to shove there because you don't want to get called essentially. You have decent equity, but you don't want to get called so you shove high equity draws and very likely good made hands that are vulnerable, right? In cash games, you don't really care if you get action. Like with pockets there, if you're applying 40 big wines deeper, 30 big wines equal whatever it is, you don't really care if you get it all in, like, you're happy to get it all in a cash game because you're 55% against your opponent's range. You're thrilled to get it in with 55% against your opponent's range in general. How do you enter the Discord, go to poker coaching dot com? Log into your account? Click in the community tab. It'll come right up. How do Tony lose? I don't know. Maybe we'll see it and then one of these cards. Oh, ray Antonio is fond of Ari, the magician. And now it's the battle of the blinds are two young aggressive tigers. The ones that are battling each other hard. What feels going all in like he should. He has a pretty good hand. King Jack offs you two different suits is going all in against his nemesis Antonio. Antonio said on 300,000, he has him covered. If he calls and plays and wins this pot, he will not fill home without a fourth position. You know, it's amazing too. He's that he has a better hand. What's he gonna do? This so it's just an all in pre flop hand. The problem with a lot of these old hands is the longer just like all in pre flop. What are you gonna do with the king queen? I don't know what we're looking at, don't fold. The ultimate test for Antonio the magician right here. Kid, I'm rooting for you to call. Gotta be honest with you. My phone to call I just hope we did not draw me. Oh. Listen to that. Now Phil actually made that statement thinking he has the best hand. A little table talk a big smile. He really believed that Antonio would have called already how they could beat the king Jack, but just look at the beauty of this world over two events because we can see their cards. We see the excitement the electricity here, the problems the decision. Here I go. Look at Phil. It's heartbreak for him when he sees that hand. Oh no. It's king queen versus king Jack. What? A call by Antonio here. Phil helmet knows he's gonna have to get lucky to win this part. No, not yet. Big favorite Antonio is still in front after three cards. That's the next one. No, it's not gonna do it for Phil. Phil helmet needs a Jack or he will be out of this tournament in fourth position. And a queen comes up at the river Antonio wins apart. He knocks out the legendary Phil helmet. Antoni has done it. The arms are raised up above. Show some class from shake my hand, and don't do the weight on that. I always do it with him. Show some class and shake my hand. Is that the only video of fill without a hat and cap. You know, very likely could be. How do I make this how do I make this go? There we go. Oh my gosh. There we go. All right, let's see who else we get. Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? Maybe that's why it's rare. Yeah. I don't think there's any need for the cap on that one. I think it's accurate. Wow, Michael, miss rocky. Grinding to a second title. Michael miss rocky got me so good in one tournament. Actually, in multiple tournaments. There was one where he limped under the gun. I lived in second position with kings. Goes back around somebody raises. Miss rocky re raises. I rip it all in. Miz rocky has the aces I lose. I have kings mount. Another time, though, on a $25,000 buy in, final table, it could very easily be this tournament. There's a spot where Michael raised falls to me in the small blind. I have about 25 big blinds. I've ace king and small blind. Not exactly on the bubble. I think they paid 15 people and we were down to 18, I think. I call with ace king because I was about to shove it all in like the obvious play, right? I look over to the left. And Tony osmani Ari, guy we just saw..

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