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This Thursday may thirty first with narrator. Jack Haley appearing on the broadcast. We'll be some friends from all walks of life. Just a few are knocked well Jack, Benny Kenny del Mar a little bank, ed Herman Walk, and Uncle Jim Harkins. Also we'll relive some of the most exciting moments of Fred's programs, but of course his. Allen's alley. State now for a portrait of Rhode Island on NBC. Town. Man, National Broadcasting Company presents transcribed a portrait of Fred Alum. Alan? Born in Boston than at my birth, strange thing happened. The doctor slapped me after I started crying. My I brush. My parents immediately started me in show business by taking an ad in variety. Announcing my arrival Fred Allen has diaper will travel. I traveled to the three corners of the earth. Then they have been many changes. I'm not referring to the Diet. Ladies and gentlemen our Narrator Jack Haley. No part of the thumbnail autobiography. You just showed his true. Actually John. Was Born in Cambridge. His father was a bookbinder and the Boston Public Library and air to Fred found work as a stack boy while still attending public school in Cambridge. The pay wasn't anything to Brag about twenty five cents an hour. Most important is the fact that one day and the stacks. Fred found a book on Juggling. Fred began to practice juggling with cigar boxes, rubber, balls and oranges. was appearing on ammonites and the local Vaudeville. Houses! Many drone than a professional vaudevillian recalls.

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