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Vinnie Pan back with you here on a fast moving Friday edition of what I call the Vinnie Penn Project been filling in all week here on W RKO and having a lot of fun doing it a lot of special guests. Lined up all week. But this show in particular were 617 to 66 68 68 want to grab a quick phone call, though, and welcome pat from Kingston to the show. Hey, do we have you? Yeah, I'm here. Can you hear me? I sure can. How are you, buddy? I'm good. I was just listening in and on the lady calling about the free lunches and You know, it's good that she sees the people in your neighborhood tribes, nice cars and everything like that. And that's what you see from the outside. I drive a nice truck. My wife rides nice, as should be. I've lost my job. My taxes are $12,000 a year, Um, for buying property taxes. My kids can go to school. They're both type one diabetic. S so we have to take those go oranges or we decided to take him and I don't want to say we have to. But you know my wife's cause on me so I can't just get rid of that. You know? It's just a lot more going on than what might meet this complicated. Yeah. No. I mean, I hear you. I absolutely area And as I said throughout the interview, if we fit a criteria and the need is there absolutely I just want the criteria to be fair. I think with Julie Gun lock was second, though she didn't just want to go that that Deepak But it sounded like she saw quite a few women that she knows in her community and she like personally knows better and just thinks it's obnoxious that what they're doing like she's not. In the dark about half of their finances. I at the risk of calling her a gossip. I think she was saying the I happen to know better. They don't need to be abusing the system that we're going to run it run short on. Because of them and their selfishness. Yeah, I understand. I just wanted to, you know, kind of point out there is two sides t everything. Oh, yeah. You know the least How do you feel this so bizarre to go here? The least thing can be misleading. Because if you lease a vehicle, you'll life looks pretty damn good. My my ex wife, who you know, had a tiny little apartment and you know we're married for 17 years. I've I've got the house. I've got two kids, but She's got a rinky dink apartment, you know, in the center of town, but she's leasing I heck of a vehicle that makes it look like life's pretty damn sweet, But it isn't so she runs into having display. Explain to people often nado. Don't let the least fool Leah. Exactly. Yeah, Exactly. Him took 60,000 somewhat dollar car with a $500 payment, which would put you down to about $25,000 car if you would buy it. Yeah, So, Yeah, it's false advertising. But I wanted something safe for my three kids to be in when they were with their mom. We record it down a little bit last, but that's what I went for, and at the time we could afford it. No problem, but No, uh, no funny, dear and funny to hear you call it false advertising that that that's a pretty That's an interesting way that they could actually advertise. Leasing a vehicle make it look like life is better than it actually is. Exactly like you have all your ducks in a row when you're up to your eyeballs. Yeah. Oh, I feel Yeah. I appreciate the call Pat on. It is important to make those kind of I don't believe in a one size fits all for anything. I'm hoping the lot of you that have been coming along for this ride have gleaned that from my monologues throughout the week. No subject I've been been wanting to get to and we began on the show. I want to tie up everything that was started earlier in the week. We were talking about how All we can do this. We can go here. There could be crowds here. That could be crowds there, but churches been getting a bum rap. I told you I had a lot of special guests lined up and with the holiday season right around the corner with Christmas right around the corner, and people.

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