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Coming up. All right. Thank you so much Florida morning show, touchy and a couple of minutes. Welcome to Monday, everybody cooler temperatures, Chris Farrell. We heard from before. Before he went into a tirade about the dolphins was telling us is going to be high forty s on the coast fifties for low tonight. We're actually going to, you know, get spare with some winter get ready for genitalium a little bit early. She's fighting off that flu bug. Thanks for gets to worse telling you, I don't know whether you believe in the flu shot or not it's your choice. But this this strain of flu this year going around is nasty. Yeah. It's it's been really bad. Oh, I'm telling you the me time this was kind of under reported over the weekend. But Oprah wrote an essay sort of lecturing all of us over the weekend. All right. There are still people who say they want Oprah to run. Well, she's not doing that. But she's writing she posted an essay about how fractured we are as a country. We need to come together. She said, quote, the truth is we have reached a tipping point hatred, and divisiveness have ruptured our national soul. All right and leading ourselves further into darkness. Now, she's been. Dipping their toes into political waters before because she outright stumped for Stacey Abrams of Georgia and the governor's race. You may remember that. Yeah. Which somewhat already was very divisive Cassese Abrahams that went on to refused to concede for the longest time. So should Oprah be actually writing essays lecturing anybody on anything is? I think a lot of advice of MRs coming from her side of the aisle. It's a lot of it. And so funny that it's being said that we're so separated as a nation when the when when you're right. A lot of the device is coming from the other side, you're looking at these celebrities, and they're they're almost like lobbyists now absolutely tied in with the media with one hundred backlashes completely on an underway against all of that though. I really truly believe that people have had enough. What's going to be really interesting is come twenty twenty. When you have all these Democrats that are going to be running for the for that to be the Representative for the Democratic Party against Donald Trump, watch them all eat each other alive because they're all the same page right now. But now once they start putting their own beliefs in front of each other. It's. Going to be a very very very interesting situation. The field is probably going to be twenty people deep. It's gonna look like the Republican was sixteen. It's going to be survivor. Twenty twenty is what it's gonna look like and possibly naked and afraid which is scary as a whole. I'm afraid of. But who will run well Jimmy Komi James Comey? He doesn't care as long as we come together. Apparently as a nation and make sure Trump doesn't win. I can tell you that all of us. She us every breath. We have to make sure that the lying stops on January. Twentieth. Two thousand. Here's the by the way, this is the greatest part of that story where did he say that at the ninety second street y in New York City spoke at the Y, so bizarre. He goes from speaking before congress behind closed doors were for apparently hours. We haven't got the transcript yet. But ours he said nothing like, I do not recall. I don't know literally hundreds and hundreds of times the same guy who remembered everything when he was on his book tour, but he's actually questioned by congress on this about Hillary's emails whiting, you charge her where he going with this. I don't recall, I don't know anything. No. I don't know. Anything convenient. Here's more from the Y appearance. Hope Donald Trump is not removed from office fine, peach because. Country off the hook and it would drive into the fabric. A third of the people believing. There was a coup. Sounds familiar. Wow. All right. Jimmy sure, do you understand where where they're all going to? They're all so afraid you'll never get their power. Backing that's what this is all about get ready for just Bill. Phil go on like with the investigation a special counsel investigation. It's going to go on and on and on until they boil it down not talking about Russia anymore. That's gone. But they'll dig and dig and dig until they find that you know, seven-year-old Donald Trump. Still a pack of gum at some point. They wanted to tighten somewhere. That's where we're leading with this. I mean, they'll literally do anything in order to be able to get some type of some type of recognition for anything that they've been spending all this taxpayer money on we should do a daily cut where the a weekly tally on where we are. Because now it is just surpassed forty I think it's forty two million dollars forty two million dollars, and they've already given up on the Russia thing because there was no collusion. Now. They're trying to get them on payments made trying to say it's a campaign violation is what they're trying to do how talking about impeachment over that. Okay. Then sure it makes all the sense in the while he was campaigning. I mean, he's still allowed to to do his private citizen work, and obviously he's a businessman, so he's not know businessman ever deals with another country, doesn't it doesn't or or women. I don't know. I guess not a private life issue is also true. And is it a legal to tell to give somebody money to to not disclose their relationship? That's why I don't I don't know in that situation. Here's the takeaway was y'all have there probably done with Russia should be celebrating because they found nothing. They know it's over nothing since this is weird investigation is Morphing into everything else they can possibly find. So Russia's over so dangerous kids in cages is over its next all the kids in cages at the border neighbor here, which we're all those migrants midterms are over. And now we have this. Apparently this principle in Nebraska wanted to ban all things Christmas related including candy canes because the shape of a candy cane is for Jesus This are very bizarre. Stay with me. I know there's a lot to unravel here. Her name is Jennifer Sinclair, principal at Manchester elementary school in L corn Nebraska, at least for now some reports she's already fired at the very least she's been suspended. She sent out a member of the memo to the school staff. What is what's not acceptable at the school during the holidays, remove anything with religious themes was her idea separation of church and state school and all that stuff including candy canes. Why? Okay. Here's a reasoning. And this is her quote, I wanna make sure I get this. Right. She said, historically, the shape is j for Jesus the red is the blood of Christ. And the white is the symbol of his resurrection. Yeah. You will never eat a candy cane the same way again, apparently. And we look this up earlier, and it turns out that there is a story floating around that that is true. And it's from some candy website. I don't know the credibility of the candy website. But she probably runs the candy website. There's a good possibility. I that there were shaped you can hang him on a tree assumed it's an easy Kerry thing in your van candy. Anyway, I don't know as extreme is our policy was the school district response seems pretty extreme to the suspended her while they investigate again, some reports he's fired some of the parents are so angry they've marched outside of the school. Really because they've taken not only Christ out of Christmas. They've taken the acres gained. Geez. The the idea of separation of church and state is so ideographic because it doesn't exist. Literally says on our money in God we trust. Well. Very very interesting conversation have to be uh on that sense alone. But. So back crazy. One of the most contentious conversations, you can have a discovery like right where we're going to break. All right that an abortion debate coming out. Lord. We got we got that coming up this the outrage really she concentrate on because this actually affects regular everyday people and your kids, and what they've been tweeting this controversy over Cutler Murray the Heisman Trophy winner, and what he had to do to apologize for pass tweets ridiculous. But the backlash is underway next. Keeping.

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