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Nine or another warning about how artificial intelligence or a if i may one day impact their lives tesla ceo elon musk ignited a global discussion about the possible perils of artificial intelligence at 2014 now another tech industry superstar google ceo sundar pichai sending up a red flag about it he disgusted at the ongoing world economic forum in switzerland is one of the most important things humanities working on it more profound than i dunno electricity or fire peach on his push google parent company alphabet deeper into developing a i but he warns that teaching computers to become smarter than us could become a threat especially if ever weaponized which might sound familiar this guy that funding bill is passed human decisions are removed from strategic defence skied it begins to learn the geometric rate all nations pichai says have to agree to demilitarize aoi i'm scott carr readers of the pittsburgh postgazette were greeted with the newspaper with no local bylines today staff writer at the pittsburgh postgazette have pulled their names from articles in today's newspaper the byline strike is the result of stalled contract talks between the newspaper guilt and the newspaper's owner block communications michael few is the president of the newspaper guilt of pittsburgh our way equipped gone down ten percent every year or two quick cronut on we're making we're trying to live in 2018 onto thout byline strikes are rare the last one at the post 'cause that was in the early 1980's robert surfers cbs news pittsburgh the socalled doomsday clock is closer to midnight than it's been since 1954 three because of climate change and primarily nuclear weapons with midnight considered to be the symbolic point of annihilation it has two minutes to midnight bulletin of atomic scientists chair rachel bronson says the lack of predictability for us nuclear weapons policy and views helped push the clock thirty seconds closer than it was last year and unpredictability that it is embodied in statements and tweets by the president of the united states she says the lack of diplomacy between the us and russia and north korea's aggressive weapons programme helped move the clock is close to midnight as it's ever been peter king cbs.

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