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A moment in time. Linda but i forgive you. I'm blocked you so that in my mom as i go back to usc. Because i left school to do the prince's. Like i'm gonna do this. I go back essien. I come home from college for my mom's best friend and her watching this show and they're like expensive. You've seen this show and lucy. My mom's best friend was like you should date this girl and points at heidi mike. What shows this and they're like oh it's from laguna beach and gone. Who cares the spin up. And i'm looking at the credits coming in. I see executive. Sean travis mike what that full just worked for me like i literally was there for the day. We like hired. Sean is cell phone number. Call and mike you have a new show on. Mtv and you didn't put brody on his own spencer's events or no no. This is a set casts like from this spin off. Like you can't put you on. I'm like yeah you can. And he's i know it's not like that. Where are you filming filming. Wow see when the club and side call rhodium wheat on this show. He's like what show. Mike it's it it's in. Hollywood is called bike the hills. 'cause the first season was didn't even hit like a richter of like tony santo. Anyone that's like. You should think lowering spencer but i do think lorne great but as elsie right not you. And but you d m tony to santo the president. Mtv and he will tell you. The hills was getting cancelled until brody night came in as a fact. So it's like no. She should thank me so deep mutual. I thank you and you can thank me. So i call rodeo mike. We need to pull up on this show. And he's going to do it on my call. Jared jar small world. Jared's dad was big poppa from kim's rosiak like which i connected later and now my she really did have a big topic is jared guy would call because jerry job fifty grand cash by of all the table. We bought up all the tables area to. We're on filming night at like. We rolled up.

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