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To the publishers accounting department contrary innis made him a good radio show guest though harlan ellison appeared on as it happens several times sometimes on pretty flimsy pretexts here's an example from august of nineteen seventy six here's mr ellison conversation with host charles lynch on a subject that is still timely today the explosion of mediocre movie sequels what kind of people are making these decisions who are they exactly where the rub i think that's why there's so many bad films being made today what we have today are representatives of the multinational corporations who now own most of the motion picture studios kinney transamerica these are huge huge corporations and they have sent in to manage the studios and to to set up the schedules of what we're going to be filmed not people who are creators not ex producers or exdirectors x writers they can send you people who are businessmen xy pa's exa comes exit time motion study experts these are people who have to begin with no sense of creativity they do not understand the story they do not understand the the warp and roof of putting together actors with directors and creative talents of other kinds all they look at really is the that little digital computer that they carry in their in their outta shake case and they wanna know where the bucks are gonna come from then there's not much hope for change we can look forward to sequels of sequels nauseam than that worse than that it would seem to me would seem to me that they would stop even making the secret when they stopped making money but they will continue with theme movies they'll say okay this disaster did well so let's try another kind of disaster or this kind of action adventure let's try that kind of action adventure and you won't get any really hit avait of programming because you see for these people the creation of a work of art is not where the thrill comes in they don't have the same joy the boundless leaping energy of going on a sound stage and seeing something being shot the art for them is the making of a deal it's a totally artificial kind of thrill they'll say let's put barbra streisand and steve mcqueen together and they think that's an idea there's no vehicle involved there's only in idea for a deal and so they will deal as businessmen will and they and they just flynn's all creativity from the act ellison speaking with charles lynch on as it happens in nineteen seventy six the prolific proficient and prickly mr ellison died wednesday he was eighty four years old.

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