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Knows zero It was a symbolic moment. Normally, the electoral college voting is just a formality. This year, it seals a win. For Biden Would President Trump's teams is a fight is not over and that they will appeal to Congress to overturn the results. That's highly unlikely Prospect. Alex Stone, ABC News, Los Angeles High ranking member of the Trump Administration, is stepping down after weeks of tension with the Boston fawning letter to President Trump Attorney General Bar said the president was the victim of a partisan An onslaught and friends eat and baseless accusations of collusion with Russia Bar credited the president with advancing the rule of law, curbing illegal immigration and delivering a vaccine bars letter announced his intent to depart the administration December 23rd while making no mention of recent tensions over the disclosure of the tax investigation of Hunter Biden. In a tweet President, Trump said Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen would take over. Aaron Qatar. SKI ABC NEWS NEW YORK Early voting began today in Georgia and to run off elections, which will determine which party controls Senate. Some experts are calling it the beginning of the end of the Corona virus pandemic. All right, Barbara. Nice deep breath went to health care worker at Washington, D C S George Washington University Hospital, one of the first Americans to receive the Fizer covert 19 vaccine the same day U. S deaths from the virus hit 300,000. But a group of bipartisan senators say they're making progress on the latest version of their covert relief package. You're listening to ABC, Nick Strong work ethic takes pride.

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