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On our Airways. Were you saying he attended the save foundation The foundation he. Arrived drunk and things went downhill from there It's it's always it's, always, an adventure let's go back. To the, phones, check, in oh Hefner? From Butch for awhile. Good, morning Butch hey how you doing I'm not doing good Butch it. Looks like the, minor league, team has showed up here Philadelphia now you remind you know that was the worst loss like all year for me to take on thinking. About that loss and how it's. Like bother me all night I'm thinking how they lost that. I'm trying to think all I watch almost every Phillies game I don't remember the. Last time affiliate. Got called out for leaving a base early that doesn't happen Yeah gives me doesn't even happen in little league yeah that's what. I'm, saying. It's a, play where, you got your foot on the bag you're looking. To the guy catches the ball and. Then you take off as soon as he. Catches, it should to got one. Yeah I. Think, he's, fast enough that? He had it made. But, I I don't know what went through his mind you said you. Google that did, you find, any examples nah no last night's rea- and I've kind of gotten your camp now I'm kinda like crack a little bit of a fan. Like last night when at ball. Santana catchers head outdoor it exactly what you thought they're going. To lose this yeah that's I mean to me I've watched his team too many. Times this year And you know I think there, is a, leader on his team as really gotta show. Up now I really believe. He's gonna show up tonight? And. Jake, Arrieta is the only guy I've really seen get mad like. Freddie Gaviscon amid near he gets mad but he needs to throw something in his locker room and, just y'all wake up it is a pitcher though that's more difficult. Especially, when. He throws something if, it's like a pickoff throw ain't gonna hit anybody I I don't I don't know that. That's the pictures are tough to it's, tough and when you got a young team like that that's why that's, why it's doubly bad when Santana's making the mistakes like that because. There are guys you've? Brought in to stabilize yes and when when the guy those are the guys that destabilized by stuff. That happens, on the field that that hurts, you even more, those are the guys are supposed to be the guys you lean on when things. Then things go wrong and when they start. Making the mistakes it's like with with other Phillies teams would be kind of a rock and. Maybe he made, base running errors at a couple of times like what the hell what's going on. Here when that when that defense when he, first started out was not. Very good I mean you had, to make himself into Always wrong so maybe you're right maybe it's going to be leadership. From within which is? Tough with a younger team and there's something to be said for the out of position much as. They want, to make a thing about baseball It, was no big deal it certainly looks uncomfortable it it certainly looks like it's just. Not working an experiment that went bad and the notion that I, get from some of the people who are still like all this you know they they've, exceeded? Expectations, is that group always has to find something to latch. Onto hate those of. Us who are getting mad at these losses, and John I'm sure you've noticed this, now all all the people are happy that they're being proven right I I just want to make this is the Both ways because I, think in, a lot of ways there the process people I despise, the losing every day so. I was never a process, person, okay never ever 'cause. I just couldn't there a few times. Where I go yeah it's better. Off with my team. Loses the Phillies in twenty. Eleven it was, better off to not let the Saint Louis. Cardinals yeah okay if you're in the NFL and. You're, looking for a. More favourable matchup you know those things that are purely on numbers purely, a number is fully get behind for. For one game you know. For for those kind of. Things that that you know not sustained over several seasons and now this notion is well you people are being I don't wanna be proven right now I enjoy baseball, in the, summer, it's a long summer it's one of my favorites I like it so I'm not. Happy that this is happening none of us thought it would happen, this way yes it's one thing if you get beat six to one and the other, teams? More, talented it's another way to run your team The, teams that are below you in the standings not very, good and you're punching yourself. In the that's what makes, the, most annoying you're not. Six six one the other teams better. The pit now you you won. The game Aaron Nola. On the manual hostage all. Right do you, have any bad ending I'm not I got. A good ended actually I Renault for all he. Did, last night and. He didn't get a win I'm gonna give him something I'm going to, give them the are no Paul now No. No I'm sorry Colleen. With poems I'm not a. Poem guy an emotional man must got the. Word Nantucket I have no in drudge calls in. With. Poem. Yeah. Yeah, yeah Their long. And usually rhyming to the fleas he. Overdosed on Flintstone vitamins, and then calls with we're not lying you think we make this stuff up ninety four WIP is nine thirty, six during our.

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