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By the end of this year, we are needing one hundred fourteen you can contribute to that today must a couple of minutes now from the Sout. So those of us who come from while Bill and Springhill he's turned thirteen in nineteen. Ninety seven at the height of the attitude air in my parents, gifted me with cable television and has Casey Kasem would say racialist ours and or no kidding. I'm getting goofy need. I say more you got cable TV JR was a narrator, my money nights for many years to come. Thank you. While Bill c, c ride. Her. Oh, see what you have done route or nineteen seventy-one. Greg listened. Jim Rogers come from mid south WF WCW and raw Nance great hearing the inside stories and everything else that goes on outside the rove. I love the show. Thank you sir. I'm sorry. Very Hsina. Awesome. Podcast. Burris. Nah, listen. JR cast is one of the highlights of my week. And without I say, thank you. Bari Hsina? Hey, don't forget. Now, anytime you have feedback for us or things you wanna suggest or ideas or ideas for guess, or how'd you let the cowboy interview, although sayings hit us at the gym rachi for chainmail dot com. Appreciate that. Every Wednesday, a new episode will the scape I was teased for saying they're dropping. They drop on Wednesday because they said I was somebody told me that I was trying to sound hip and cool. So I, I now refuse to say my show drops on Wednesdays. I'm not going to do anymore. I'm not gonna take the ridicule sick and tired of ridicule. I am sick and tired of your God damn ridicule. You hear me. So the shows escape every Wednesday. You got it. Got it. Free State. You follow me on Twitter at JR s? BBQ Facebook and Instagram, Sean, cradle. Leading the way at Jim Ross BBQ kind of getting where like the Facebook. Prior to go out of style next week, I'll be back in trying to program my these CR. My my video recorder flash midnight for ten years. Never feared the damn thing out. So check us out there on Facebook, Instagram, Jim, Ross, BBQ. And Finally, I remember I'll be on the FOX for some Saturday morning, nine forty five central time before the Oklahoma Texas game in the Cotton Bowl. Cast thousands of interesting folks converging with Fox Sports guys in event got sentenced or for those dudes is indeed I surely do Red River showdown in Dallas. You see me down there hanging around, I will accept corn dogs. Thank you. So for our tire crew here, we have a massive crew. We have little Rafael the Richard Lewis of Cuban descent somewhere on the east coast right now. And we have producer Ted. Who's looking at right now, he's a handsome, man. Ladies villain really is, could use a haircut, that's another story and everybody here at Westwood One, we freesheet their support and refresh your even more so next week, another big show will cover the my thoughts on the Melbourne event. My thoughts on being on FOX weekend, football, authentic, and stuff. And probably another guest, you know what I'm saying? You don't say you got. So until then the national fateful. Remember tomorrow's or not here and t for any of us any of us. So good Lord, willing to criminalise see back here next week. So from Los Angeles. Well. I'm going to JR saying so long. Everybody..

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