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Each individual. You know. It's out there and telling me like well in the Bible you know the music crash. And it's against God because in the Bible says to make a joyful noise until the Lord that it's not joyful and I was like well that's your opinion on that because to this person that baby joyful with you not toy full so there we have that manmade rule of Abeille that it's not toy so we should be listening to that but if that's the way to reach that individual then so be it just enjoying listening to reach. I'm GONNA keep going. No no I'm with you. I'm with you know it's Yeah Yeah Okay. Yeah Yeah no good that you could get. We just stopped there all right appreciate your time. We're good we're going to call it but no no. It's beautiful. I love it appreciate it. So slow intro inside a kind of Kind of start things off that you know the main crux of what you posted about and we talked about earlier in really kind of the action if you will or or the potential here is really one of the big. Potential areas obviously tons of areas. We go down but the mental health side we. I think we have done a really good job of throwing this out there that you know everybody knows. Ptsd we've heard this phrase PTSD PTSD over and over again. You were very gracious and I appreciate very much so that you said something about that. It's not just a war veteran disease disorder. I just had lunch with a friend of mine the other day who has been diagnosed a PTSD from the loss of his son in two thousand eight. I was eleven years ago and I watched this. He continues to suffer from and you can come up with the jesuits they want. I really don't care. I'm just telling you I've seen it in places that have nothing to do with combat. It's trauma and the ability to deal with. Its I really appreciate you kind of including making that inclusive aspect that it's not just a you don't have to go in the front lines in Iraq in order to have trauma it's all over. It happens all the time. Different ways So to that though can we? I'd love to get your take on kind of that. What that means to you in your journey limit around win it started when it started when he started here about it. Were you taught about it when you first started to deploy did it come later and then kind of your your experience around you know? Not only being aware of it was something that you saw other people doing when when you realized it may come and wherever that journey kind of takes us. I really start there and help people out there understand when we hear. Ptsd and then when you hear Ptsd what is your take on it from a general standpoint. Yeah Yeah and I I think I ever heard of PD. Esi will looking back at what I know. Now we've all heard if ucse we do any type of review or research on world works to for instance If we go back to war here we heard a lot about shell shot or shell. Shock is after route we day would be called PTSD. But we don't relate to and I think that we should but we we don't you don't hear of it as much like that like oh we're seeing PBS. The shell shock. You think of Iraq and Afghanistan you.

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