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Has now formed off the coast of South Carolina bringing with it heavy rain and wind this is our second name storm ahead of hurricane season's official start on June first governor to Stannis is inviting both political parties to hold their national conventions in Florida this year Florida would love to have the RNC pack I'm a Republican I would be good for us that the DNC in terms of the in terms of the economic impact the governor says put all the necessary safety requirements in place and Florida can reap the benefits with the pandemic coming we lost out on some of our traditional events that we normally do the Orange County convention center said on may twelfth they had twenty seven events canceled for a loss of six hundred thirty seven million dollars if you're a business if your sports team if you have some of these events we want to work with you to get to yes yes it does even floated Orlando is one of the cities that could possibly host to the RNC or DNC gene Wexler news ninety six point five W. DDL Walt Disney World and sea world Orlando will present re opening plans this morning around ten AM the virtual plan will be delivered to the Orange County economic recovery task force and if they like what they see the plans then go to governor to Santis for final approval is ninety six point five W. DPO talker Brian Kilmeade says well is the re opening is a big deal for us it's also a big deal for the rest of the country is it your understand how much is the means to the rest of the country it is the it is the vacation the middle class can take on the working class can take contest right just a few minutes to show comes up directly after the news at nine o'clock it's nine oh three eight news ninety six point five W. DPO these days the whole world is on the internet twenty four.

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