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Ono smokey robinson of the mojo okay uh whether they singing what was the first on i do fifty eight 1958 i would say clown i would say 1950 nine i believe in miracles the middle nineteen 61 those years get in your eyes now um i don't know i'll give you a hint it was an answer song for the silhouettes get a job i got a job well done what year oh god the silhouettes 60 now the miracles sixty one to now i don't think of the silhouettes now wasn't sixty one thirty three no what are your who's the fifty eight wow where to go david young japan and our selfish josh what we're almost all the time he got time for one more all right and we have a tight game here david is it four and a half debbie's at four and a half marks at five and a half and i'm at three and a half so oncoming coming in the row roleo right there the first this happened on this day in white year the first group rescuers reached the don party uh what year or area night eighteen forty seven donna was would reindeer was a seventh reindeer i think they wish they had some reindeer on that choi users a eighteen forty seven that's eighteen forty date for some reason eighteen fifty one is good to talk to you 1840 five is eighteen forty seven i i got another congress question free all right so tried to help me here because unless place jettison partiality well you leprince's of going on here though in 1859 yeah yeah yeah and then you are congressman is acquitted of murder on the grounds of temporary insanity this is the first time this defences successfully used in the united states who was the congressmen i.

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