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Fighting in Ukraine We'll be talking more about that particularly in our third hour tonight but tonight we're going to be talking about one particular aspect of this conflict with Jack Lombardi He is a tech entrepreneur and candidate for the Illinois 14th congressional district seat Jack thanks for joining us Thank you for having me sir And good evening to you and to your listeners Absolutely Now let's start here with the where is the 14th congressional district My guess would be that is somewhere in the Chicago suburbs Yes a little bit more west of the Chicago suburbs It's almost in the shape of like Texas I goes up to DeKalb sycamore area all the way down and it has all of Joliet area as far west as oglesby or LaSalle county as about 7 different counties Like you said it's just west of the Chicagoland area in the color counties Gotcha All right very good And now that tech entrepreneur if you could amplify on that particular title it's a talk show host shorthand though please tell us more Well I guess if we're going to sum it up I'm an expert in algorithms like search algorithm which would be like how Google works how the search results are found how being works how the search results are found or how Yahoo works and how the search results are found I'm also an algorithm expert with like Facebook or Twitter those kind of social media platforms and how they behave and why they do what they do and what research results They produce that's how I made my living is to work with their algorithms for clients of mine who are small to medium sized businesses And that's what I've been doing for like the last almost 15 years All right Now just as an aside the circle central reason Jack Lombardi is on tonight but just as an aside I think a lot of us have always wondered about that because he's not even thinking about it You search for something Or Google it is tend to do making that proprietary noun into a verb and probably ultimately stripping away the intellectual property rights from the people involved but anyway it is pretty amazing that they find so many things that are in fact what we were looking for every now and then you do get a clunker and you wonder how that got into the mix but then you start to think about it This is a device that is looking merely at letter symbols and going through the tidal wave of information on the Internet and finding stuff that is what you're looking for and doing so I would say 99% of the time with pretty good accuracy I've never understood quite how they do that Yeah you know it's a mystery to many and it's a very guarded secret that Google and other search engines even if their social media search engines will keep we always joke and say they're locked away probably somewhere in the Swiss Swiss mountains which actually there may be some truth to that to be honest But yeah there is an algorithm and how it works and it's not anything you could go to school for It took a lot of years of observation reverse engineering and essentially trying to break the search engines that brought my company and myself in the industry up to the status of where I'm at right now At least United States of America One 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo is our number one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 and now with all of that background and before we're done we will talk about some of the general issues that Jack will be facing in his quest for the 14th congressional district seat in Illinois but to look at the particular subject it had to have given his technical expertise I gather you are of the opinion that we're not doing enough to stop Russian disinformation would that be correct Yeah I mean that in among other things But yeah if we're going to focus on Russian disinformation when it comes into the country here's a really interesting let's call homework assignment for your listeners It's called the smith and modernization act of 2012 If you're familiar with it then you'll understand that while president Obama was in office and by the aid of a Republican senator out of Texas they had modernized if you will this act which in 1948 I believe when it's originally passed in a law prohibited any anti American sentiment from being distributed domestically here in the United States and what happens is outside entities much like let's say Russia And they put out this information through social media through a network of what we'll call them propaganda network websites right It's a series of them And what they'll do is they'll use bots and they'll use actually live people to propagate propaganda and then it works its way into our media And what winds up happening is they're trying to control the narrative of whatever is happening to cause confusion and it's a propaganda war We all know the Russians have always engaged in this kind of behavior And it's very clear And as somebody that's in the Internet marketing community more times than not you'll see that some of the best hackers and some of the most savvy if you will propagandist networks will be built from Russia or they'll originate back to Russia whereas also in China as well You'll find that and oftentimes in Pakistan too So with Russia just keeping in context here is there is information that's coming out that's confusing people on the right There's information that's coming out that plane to people on the left like everyone's a Nazi I mean it's got the signature there of messaging that this is something that has been a popular talking point with the lap that everybody is somehow associated with being racist or a Nazi And this is the information that's coming in So Russia is trying to fight with Ukraine on the messaging of winning hearts right Who's the good guy and who's a bad guy And I've even heard some people on the right saying all men it's starting to look like Ukraine's the bad guy and Russia is a good guy and all I respond is is beware of propaganda because of propaganda is good So the technical terms of how it's done it's probably too much for this interview But what I would say is the signature is there and the only we only had somebody that I in my opinion I thought was pretty smart about the Internet and that.

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