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Colin can you call into the hotline, please. So okay. I o leaser. He. Okay, weezer. Oh, please call and call in because we was the one. Claiming that we both went. Yes. That's a great weezer. We had. I know we cast Allison Janney in a role. I think we did or as weezer then rate, but then we thought of even a better weezer. I think Colin thought of a better weezer. And then, oh, what about a Trudy, Dolly, Parton, truly? We said, okay. I said our very own Melissa Peterman. Ooh. Yes, how good is that? Yes. Melissa Peterman on Broadway doing true v would be Spock talk ULA. Oh, okay. What about Daryl Hannah? Oh, he dares. Daryl Hannah, Colin are you? Maybe he's getting ready. Maybe he's. Fingertips. I know I know. Listen to every day blesses. I'm just call hotline. They were go. Now, we have areas let's get him on the line. He has much. He remembers this much better than I do pace. We don't. On a delay with the app, you've already mentioned. Okay. Well, who do we which ones? Do you? Remember that we care? Remember that one who who did we do either Laurie Metcalf? Oh, oh my gosh. How great is Laurie Metcalf guys as weezer, and then didn't we because remember we originally had Allison Janney as weezer? Did. We move Allison Janney to miscarry. Maybe it was clarity. I thought we had someone else. Oh, we had. Came up with Christine Baranowski.

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