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Also here or believe they heard from that creature again that same night. Yeah. Corresponding with that they heard something that I founded like a loud growl. And then something that. You know, it was like a claiming sound or something coming off Mars off hill, and it got louder and louder than growling and claiming and definitely something that frightened them. You know at that point. And if I if I'm remembering from your book correctly, the top of Mars hill where the sound was coming from. There was some sort of a water reservoir up there. Is that was that the the source of the sound is if something or someone was I don't know banging against the reservoir or throwing rocks at the reservoir. Right. Yeah. There was in in, you know, from the sound of of what they heard in in the claiming sound they surmise that. You know, it could have been something hitting on that reservoir. You know in when combined with a loud growling sounds that. They had heard. I mean, it just was, you know, something that they? Scared everybody. Now at this point is is Edgar Harrison contemplating going up to the top of Mars hill to investigate or what is what is he decided to at that point? Yeah. You know within this time period, you know, Edgar head sorta gone up and down the hill there, and certainly, you know, having, you know, being that it was a wooded area and creature had been seeing their, you know, naturally assumed that, you know, could be living there roaming on Mars hill. So he had gone up and sort of investigated, you know, up and down is kind of some, you know, bang trails that went up behind the house, you know, things that kids won't around on. And so he had followed those around just looking for footprints or signs of of anything, and he would go up there with as as things for grass, you know, some reporters, and and other people would come to town, and he would take them up the hill, and they would you know, investigate that. And at this point, I guess. We cue the pitchforks. And the torches it's like a scene like from something like Frankenstein's monster. This mov assembles tell me about that. Right. You know the evening when when they saw the lights and heard the growling sound. I mean, it was so loud that the miss Harrison just came out of the house with all the kids in tow and screaming Edgar, you know, let's get outta here. Get the kids in the car, you know, the kids weren't a frenzy. And so by this time, most of the other parisioners had taken off, and you know, got got now there's well. And so the Harrison's begin to take off down the street and their car, and as as they were going, they basically, they're they're street dead ended in Mars hill. So going out of their they look and there basically a mob of, you know, thirty forty people coming up towards the hill. You know, alarmed at what they were hearing all the neighbors had gathered together. And according to the story, miss Harrison sort of leaned out the window and said something like they're coming, and you know, the mob just. It all started running. I mean, it it's it's like a scene out of a movie just couldn't even made this stuff up. And this just was, you know, kind of like you say that the torches and pitchforks the villagers are coming for the monster. And it's something frightening happens and she screams. They all run the other way. So this is just things that would be recorded in in the old newspapers as it progressed, massive stereo, perhaps or did they all here and see something? That's I guess the question for the ages, but it's lucky cow. No one got hurt in in. I mean, it could've gone south really fast. Lyle Blackburn is with us the author of Momo, the strange case of the Missouri monster, and we will open up the phone lines at the top of the hour. Take questions and comments, and let me ask you as we head into the break. Very quickly to your mind. Does this fit into sort of a typical Bigfoot sasquatch sighting? Or is there something else going on here? Well, you know, in in some ways, it it's indicative of Bigfoot sightings, you just sort of a general, you know, in upright hairy creature that people see, but when you add in the extra high strange things with the lights being seen, and you know, people would later hear disembodied voices, and you know, the growling and all this other stuff going on.

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