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He has a new novel it's called the Whig, the bitch and the meltdown, and we are super excited to talk to you all about that. You have amazing setup going up behind you. It's like this whole thing, a press tour in your home. I'm assuming well, that's what it is. We're we're in a pandemic still. I'm doing my virtual press tour from one side of my office. So this is the room I. wrote the Book End. So I guess it's only fitting. I'm doing all my interviews from the other side of my desk so to speak. It looks very yeah, exactly. Because if we were doing these in person, you would have the same. You know you have the same setup Boko be everywhere. So I love that you did it on your own the big the cover art on the book is fantastic. It's. I'm just GONNA keep staring at it behind you. It's very, very cool I will say that when I was reading kinds of reading on the book and what exactly was I, feel like there's been maybe some confusion on like was this tell all is a novel what exactly this book is. So explain to everyone what this book is how it came about and Why you start writing it absolutely. So well, first of all, it's GonNa be a long answer. We're ready for. Clear to clear up everything. So it is a novel in a novel by definition is fiction. So it is a is a fictional account and you know it is inspired by my life on America's next top model but really in the entertainment industry as a whole. So it is a piece of satire. It is meant to make you laugh out loud. A lot of people say they talked to the book they. Cringe they're like, Oh, my God meant to do that. But really on purpose because if we think about it today, stories of substance are always overlooked for viral sensation. So this kind of is really this book which really has these important core themes and things that we're discussing today in twenty twenty they're baked into it. That is what gives the book, its Gravitas there's like a real gravitas to the peace and. I wanted people to kind of make some of what they think it is and even when they start reading that like Oh this is what I thought. It is set up chapters and then the book just goes there's a tone change there's all this stuff going on. It's still really really funny but at the same time I wanted to focus in on some important issues like the cost of fame and looking at the entertainments rampant abuse of power within the industry. But really that expands to you know work and power struggles in the. Workplace, which I think everyone can identify to, and then also I wanted to kind of really look at how the entertainment industry deals with just intersection -ality overall in black women's identity. So the book is really identity piece and ultimately the entire narrative is a journey of awakening and that journey of self that all of us go through and we all relate to, and that's what the book is really about. So it's not just this fund salacious tallow. There are moments in the piece that are obviously Easter egg moments for top model fans. So, they'll recognize these moments that are inspiring the story but you're getting very different Pov of what that moment is and a reason behind that moment which which is fictional and I wanted to kind of entertain people to let them go. What's true what's not? But at the same time, they're getting something that's really substantive beneath the story. Right, it sounds like there are so many layers to it, and I'm actually really really excited to read it because I was in America's next top model fan through and I really just I've seen like every season at this point. So I kinda get what you're saying about it. It's like you were able to tell things about the show while also adding things that are not real. So gives you that leeway to be like, Hey, maybe this was. You don't. WanNa, you don't WanNa spill everything because some things need to remain. An I someone asked me, would I ever do a you know a tele why didn't I do an all like total AAll memoir and personally. Excuse me. The reason I didn't want to do. You know southland moment. Might Mug of water look my Magas. Sorry about that but you know. meme like this ridiculous tell memoirs I find that a lot of memoirs promised to be Super. Juicy, they tell you nothing and they leave you frustrated and you can't really do these real real tells because I would have to move to Alaska. just hide up the rest of my life what but again using fiction to. Illustrate kind of very real issues within not only society but also within the industry I think is important and you know Dan Brown, who is someone I really admire I've read every one of his books even the ones people don't know or as familiar with but he's always cleverly weaving this a fictional narrative around very real organizations and places in people in things and I wanted to do the same thing in my book and I won't spoil this for anyone listening or for for years if not read the book, but you know they're. In, the last third of the book I had this kind of Meta fictional mechanism which breaks literary convention and wanted to kind of blur lines break the fourth wall to jolt the reader into their own world and an and the people have read. The book only just came out I'm all these messages for people going I did not see that coming Oh my God it was deep moment and I'm really hoping that that spoiler stays. Secret because it is this thing that no one expects and Was Really Fun crafting that that that moment you're making me WanNa hang up right now and go. Like now, I need to know what the spoiler. And I love it too because I don't know if you're obviously America's next top model massive reality series reminds me of kind of like how you. The bachelor everybody has so many rumors about that show and then unreal on lifetime was a satirical version was a different show. It was it was fiction but obviously, you know they had pulled stuff at everybody freaked out about unreal being like, wow it's that stuff like really happening. And so it creates that kind of discussion which I think is actually really important because it's kind of a way to like you said, shed light on these very important. Things that are happening within a reality show that I had John in fiction that lake maybe a nonfiction it it's too much. It blows it open. Yeah. Yeah and yeah unreal which I totally appreciate the success of that that show and and the excitement around it I felt like coming out with a knob Hill I had to kind of go..

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