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Seventy five degrees in Northridge Whittier is at seventy seven degrees and in Burbank it's seventy three degrees at one forty seven people have a lot of questions as I start to head back to work in the age of covert nineteen medical experts are warning southern Californians that the virus isn't gone it's not beaten and we need to prepare for people to still test positive and get sick Dr Joseph Ladapo associate professor at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine says information will be key more information is probably generally really good thing when you're dealing with something that people are scared of and there are misperceptions about local information would absolutely be good the important piece is that the information is accurate doctors say to keep the risk down people should keep following social distancing rules where facemask and wash your hands often rob archer que in next ten seventy newsradio new research looking into whether your fitness tracker could also be a sickness tracker the initial findings from two academic studies are seen as a small step in the fight against the corona virus but possibly a giant leap for wearable tech like fitbits apple watches in many cases proud about three quarters we can get an earlier same time detection of your illness Dr Michael Snyder is chair of the genetics department at Stanford University School of medicine before you get congested things like that your body knows the high rate starts going up in some cases of skin temperature goes up anyway in your smart watch can pick it up and it turns out we think to be a great way to potentially diagnose when you're still very very early the results of these preliminary studies show the data from a wearable device can reveal corona.

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