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Your preferred radio app Okay the latest in global news here is Bloomberg's Liang guerins Tom good morning and thank you Here in England two teenagers from Manchester are being questioned by counter terrorism police in connection with a hostage situation at a synagogue in Texas Bloomberg's UN pots has more on the events that unfolded on Saturday The rest come after 44 year old male Faisal accretive is understood to have traveled to the U.S. from Blackburn two weeks ago He was shot there after holding four people against their will for ten hours They were all released safely and uninjured Details of the ages or genders of the pair arrested in south Manchester on Sunday evening have not been revealed foreign secretary this trust and U.S. president Joe Biden have described the incident as an act of terrorism In London I'm yum pots pinned by David Europe And on the news North Korea has fired another missile as the 2022 barrage continues the country has test launched two suspected ballistic missiles today in its fourth rocket volley this CM This is turning up the heat on U.S. president Joe Biden's administration South Korea's military said North Korea has fired what appeared to be two ballistic missiles towards the waters off the east coast Now U.S. president Joe Biden is set to meet a Japanese prime minister fumio kashida virtually this week Bloomberg's Isabel Reynolds says this comes after the spread of COVID stymied efforts to organize an in person summit A White House statement said the two would discuss issues including the free and open indo Pacific as well as climate change and COVID-19 in their video meeting on Friday The two leaders have so far met only briefly on the sidelines of the cop 26 climate summit and spoken once by phone since kishida took office in October His next chance to bond with Biden may be at a summit of the quad leaders which also include India and Australia In Tokyo Isabel Reynolds Bloomberg daybreak Europe And in France parliament has approved a bill to prohibit access to restaurants cafes and other public venues to unvaccinated citizens 16 years and older The country is switching to a new pass that requires vaccination instead of also allowing for negative tests Meanwhile Austria will impose fines on those without COVID-19 vaccinations from mid March after a transition phase that does start in February Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts symbol then 120 countries amnion guerins this is Bloomberg Caroline You so much Leanne guerin's there with the world news Now your sports update his Chris cave Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp hinted a glimmer of hope remains in their quest for the Premier League title yesterday's three nil win over Brentford moved them back up to second 11 points behind leaders Manchester City with a game in hand West Ham's hopes of a top four finish were Delta blow as they lost three two at home to leads Rafa Benitez claims he needed to win people's hearts as well as football matches following his sacking by Everton He departs after 6 and a half months in charge with the team's 6 points clear of the relegation zone The Merseyside club are now on the lookout for a new manager having won just once in the Premier League since September Okay that is a roundup of your sport coming up on a day break Europe We're going to speak with puja kumra senior European rate strategist at Toronto dominion bank What an important day to speak to puja given what we're seeing in terms of the run up in yields stateside of course closed for Martin Luther King day but they got to around 1.78 was the last print And of course the years have been running up in Australia and Japan as well Yeah absolutely just looking at that ten year in Australia 1.925 and the pressure around the dollar on this and also for the ECB how quickly will the ECB have to move We had to comment over the weekend from ECB.

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