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Steve and he looked good. White laser. Swaggie slack even as live. And by the way you love before that everybody is pushing it feels like espn's really pushing ufc comes immediately after ariel depart make sense. That's unbelievable. I mean area. Probably some conspiracies to pick up we should listen to them though because espn's coverage of the ufc. This past weekend was mighty was bad. Oh yeah huge. It was kind of an awesome fight card to be honest. The last fight and did how none of us would have wanted or expected but at one point during the night sugar sean was crossing people and then put playing bongos with guys literally just doing this and punching a guy in a phase. Yeah a man with no button instead he somehow once in the fight instill continue to fight. We're watching it was a show. It was electrifying. Promo was cut afterwards. Latino was everything was good. Then there's greg hardy getting knocked out by guy who tie became a big fan of because of his name because we style but when he starts. Chugging beers and seltzer is out of his shoe. Happy dag on a great plug. Don't i don't know if that was on purpose or not. But if that scripted or planned him chugging these beers go. It was a great show through the night. I think we all can agree with. Oh yeah for sure. And i do want to give a special shout out to greg hardy. Because he did get knocked out so early in that fight and i was such a quick fight. We got to the main event like an hour earlier than we thought. We were going very nice. Have greg huge. So that was awesome. I think live while we're watching. We said nobody's going to point out. The fact that greg hardy eating that hook to the eyeball and getting knocked out after looking pretty look like any space. He wobbled the guy who's going to finish very comfortable very confident. And then all of a sudden nowhere buckle body by but you're right because it was so quick everything kinda got expedited and moved up. It wasn't a two way m. It was a twelve fifteen. Start for the fight. That we gotta talk about i conor mcgregor guy through and through. He's an irish guy. Yup he's entertaining. He talks a lot of shit. I watched his documentary comes from next to nothing. He took over the game business wise. He's a fighter so off the outside of the cage outside of the ring. he's made some decisions ego. What the fuck are you doing. But he's also signed up to go fight people inside of the cage. So i assume there are some personality traits that potentially come with not all fighters some particular fighters where outside of the ring outside of the gym. There are some decisions that could be made to you go well. Why are you doing that way. Well they also go in to try to kill people too so you can ask why you on both things. Some of those in a fight game. I think happens. It's not cool. Obviously when anything bad happens outside of the sport but it. I think it has a potential happening in the viking. Now conor mcgregor brought electricity. He brought the wwe full force into the ufc. He wasn't the first he just mastered. It was better than everybody else he brought in the bill. Each strut from vince mcmahon. He understood the fight game. I think better from a marketing and promotional standpoint than anybody in the history of the ufc conor mcgregor and he also had a work ethic in a skill in a talent that he could match the shit top. Im- back it up because the best shit talk is the real shit talk. And when you're becoming the champion and fifteen twenty seconds or whatever it is and then when you're winning two championships and you're really have the fight game in a spot that you can end any fight with anybody. You can be better than anybody in once. You have that andrew shit talk. You're talking to pit emmy sports entertainer when you're still can match when your skill levels high in your mouth can match it. That is when here we go so. Connor captivated me. He captivated everybody when he got into the boxing. Game with mayweather also human. Who figured out the game boxing. Better than anybody in the history of boxing and his skill level was at a point where he could do it when i bet on him. There i bet on conor mcgregor going over there connors. Not going to get into this even though it's going to be a big payday and everything like that. Because at that point his fight reputation was so fucking positive and so good. Why would you do this other than the pay. pay days. come in no matter what you're already paid. Why would you do this unless you thought you were good so i actually thought to myself connors signing up for this if he is and in the odds like plus ten thousand or something like that. So i've been a massive amount on that because the payday would have been hysterical in for ten rounds. He was legit and then finally floyd out the outlasted them and just beat the hell out of them but still he put on a good show what he became when he became a billionaire. Any sleeping on satin sheets in yachts. It can become difficult. I assumed want to wake up in the morning. Pound the pavement ariel told us one fighter said but also get tapped out potential. Get ringworm get your face rubbed in some stuff as much as somebody who doesn't have any of that stuff because that's what you're fighting for to begin with you get in the fight game for your legacy. But also because the riches that come along side of it. Connor has achieved all of those in the notorious documentary. Money was a massive motive. I mean this is obviously for everybody. That comes from top. Money was about so once you get all that. How can you still train. And be as savage as the person who's who's trying to achieve all that. I often wondered that. I asked that question but still back connor because connor was my guy. This past weekend was what happened with the whole wife in the dmz k. So does employ a the diamond from lafayette or whatever. The lafayette on what it is. But i don't know enough about him. I will learn the night before the fight. The other guy is telling the entire world that your wife is in his. The answer was in his themes at one point. Now what was said who knows could have been a fuck. You could've been anything could have been way before could have been anything right but just putting it out there. How it was then. He comes into the arena. This guy is booed. Okay so somebody leaking that your wife potentially was trying to cheat on you. Which was the angle it was. We're not saying that's what it was could have been a long messages. But that was the anglo it was. That's baby face right. That guy then becomes the sad so sorry. Your wife did this to you. Like that is a baby facing. He walks out. He's hated by gets booed by everybody in there. So this guy within a twenty four hour period heard and was told by everybody on earth that his wife was trying to cheat on them or potentially had sex o'connor before whatever the the narrative was could have been a lot of other things but that was the merit of those taken. Then it gets booed by an entire arena. I started feeling bad for the guy at that point then wanna. Connor comes out and connors very aggressive to spin kicks earlier. Whatever and he starts. he's he is doing well but then dustin starts doing his thing to him. And i didn't catch the point to the missed leg kick that potentially started to crack in the ankle or lower leg thing there but when dustin pointed at that i think that is a moment..

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