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Declines the Academy Award for best actor for his career, reviving performance in the godfather native, American actress, Sashi little feather, attended the ceremony and Brando's place stating that the actor very regretfully could not accept the award as he was protesting. Hollywood portrayal of native Americans in film this week in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and historic peace agreement was signed at the White House. Egyptian President Anwar, Al Sadat and Isreaeli prime minister Munaf in bagan signed the peace agreement ending three decades of hostilities between Egypt in Israel and establishing diplomatic and commercial ties this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty one president Ronald Reagan is shot in the chest outside of Washington DC hotel by John Hinckley, jR, the president was walking with his entourage to his limousine. When Hinckley standing among a group of reporters fired six shots at the president hitting Reagan and three of his attendance after firing the shots was overpowered and pinned against the wall. Wall and President Reagan apparently unaware that he'd been shot was shoved into his limousine by a secret service agent and rushed to the hospital. If you didn't know, the president would recover and be just fine and this week in one thousand nine hundred five the longest strike in major league baseball history. Ends major league baseball players are sent back to work because of the strike the nineteen ninety four World Series was cancelled. It was the first time baseball did not crown a champion in eighty nine years. That's your look back at this week in history. I always enjoy talking to Oklahoma's newest sweethearts, I've Leigh Matthews NewsRadio one thousand Katie okay on Oklahoma's first news and Oklahoma's newest sweetheart is none other than Darcy lamb who as we speak is on the road in the middle of her newest tour Darcy, what's the name of that tour document in friends fresh out of the box. And I know you're literally on the road right now, you're getting anytime offer spring break at all. Actually. Yeah. I'm in the car with my whole family. We're headed to Dallas for little mini trip. Well, good. I'm glad you're getting some time off because this is one grueling tour. You're going to be winding up in Oklahoma City at the Civic Center music hall on may twelfth. We'll get to that. Just. Yeah. We'll get to that in just a minute though. But what can we expect from this from this tour? What are we going to see we haven't seen from Darcy? Well, we're gonna have a lot of new songs, and it's just gonna be a great show. Just bring your whole family, and you're gonna laugh and you're going to probably sing along. Have a good time and relaxing. Well, I know it takes a lot to plan out a show like this Darcy Lynn when you are coming up with material who's the first Guinea pig for your material is it mom, dad. The brothers your agent. Well, actually, you have like a collaboration between me, my parents, and my ventriloquist coach Gary Owen who lives here. Oh, yeah. We know Gary very well. Yeah. Up like a big collaboration. But I do have snow. Yes. Well, I singer. And I know you are love singing in in our big singer. And I've been through voice coaching. I know you have to and correct me if I'm wrong, the voice coaches number one mantra open your mouth and let the sound out. But that's difficult to go from that. Or is it difficult to go from that mindset to the ventriloquist mindset where you can't open your mouth Cowan? I just have to figure out a way around it. And I have been that. It's it's really fun to do it. And I to. Yeah. I love I love it. But it is hard. Well, we can tell you love it because you're very good at it. And someone who loves what they do always makes what makes what what is difficult. Look very easy. And and maybe you get that from other people who talk to you about how easy you make. Yeah. Darcy Lynn her show is may twelfth Civic Center music, hall, Darcy Lennon, friends out of the box, and you can get your tickets now Darcy when when when you pick a song, you know, you you like to sing when you pick a song is there, a particular form of music style of music you like better than others. No, not really. I try to pick song that go along with the puppets personality. I personally like listening to pop music, but I try to go and find songs that I, you know, appealed to the this personality, you know, what they like their style. And then I want to see Darcy Lynn and friends out of the box Civic Center music hall on the twelfth of may tickets on sale. And that's why we're telling you about it now, and you have had time to be a fourteen year old in the midst of this grueling tour. Do you get some time to come back home? Yeah. I this summer I have a huge break all the whole month of June and some super summer camp and just relax to hang out with my friends. Is it a challenge to keep up with the schoolwork? Yeah. Definitely I go to a public school here. No, home city deer creek. And I am any greater, and it is a challenge to try to get my schoolwork done that I really like going public schools. So I do I I don't want to help the school. So I gotta keep it up. And it is seems to be working for you Darcy limb and friends out of the box. The name of the tour may twelfth is the is the date Civic Center music hall here in Oklahoma City, and as far as as Gary, you know, what Gary Owens is a good friend of our program here. What what's the biggest advice? He's given you in coaching you. Tell me just have fun. So worked up in here. And it really works. And with all the all the concerts that you've done. I imagine you've seen a lot of different concert hall at concert halls at this time. Yeah. I've seen so many years. They've all been awesome in argon. So crazy. And. Back here Jewish show here my home. I know you are glad to see you too. Tickets are available now for the may twelfth program. Darcy Lynn and friends out.

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