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And back to the future to beat that empire strikes back of course brilliant brilliant best. You've got sean legacy thank you. I haven't seen it. I didn't want to. I didn't want to spoil. My memory isn't the first year old on the me. So i think i was like seven eight. Yeah back year universal to the new year. Yeah i yeah. That was the first film i ever saw. My uncle took me to see in the cinema neath and it was my episode that when i came out i still felt like it was in the film. When you kind of that go on still. i'm not world loved duffield and so then doing the sequel them was was so amazed like being jeff bridges. I played the arcade game. Yes also based on in that. He plays in the film the first they found the because jeff said that when they made the i feel they had the arcade game in green room area so in between takes they would all play game and school like space power annoyance or some place and they had that arcade game day. I played it with jeff and he is. There are people that i've been on the whole people like they don't meet heroes on the whole everybody. I've met who has been a bit of a hero as surpass themselves. I've never been let down. Puffing morons never been that. Don't buy them i'm jeff. Bridges is absolutely everything would be. He's amazing absolutely amazing. Could just sort of love it. All right i watch. Yes i will not watch any of the twilight films so it's I refused to do that for you. I've that we haven't talked about things and we haven't got much time. And i i wanted to talk to you. Because i think there's a marcy on the series and think again that's an act of tending fifth into his fifties and having to use reassessed your life a little bit where you are in the world and it's quite interesting return to your community tolbert. Nep done lots of things within the community. There which is very admiral apart from certain people on the internet. Who would criticize you either way. They wouldn't they go. Oh he's a big hollywood side. He never goes to tova. Always a big hollywood saw these big mentioned drinking campaign. But it's interesting. What's i was interesting. David about about this was interested in talking to you about what's driven new because you very successful very quickly as an actor and the everything's just opened up for you and you didn't really have any of that disappointment awaiting or any of those things really with with with acting. It was just straight in. And you're playing hamlet. You're playing amadeus when you're playing for stage and then going onto to this film and tv career and then to cut to this to make that decision to leave it behind. I've got to hear from you. Because i know there's been lots of interviews misrepresent what what's happened and why you've done it but it's obviously that slight middle aged thing i want to. I want to reconnect with my past. And where i came from and see the. Yeah yeah i suppose. Also i feel like i mean it's it can't be woodson's that i get middle age and then sort of change kind of what i'm doing. I suppose that must be what i'm asked to be a factor but it's also circumstances like i said my daughter Getting to the point where she left home and she's gone off from the life that through freed me up in a way that happened around the same time as i was doing a tv series in america that came to an end. And i'd start soon getting more and more involved in non acting stuff. I never quite know what to call it. If i if you call it. Activism bummed goes in and. Do you know what i mean like. Oh and it's not really politics. I don't really know what it is. It's just not acting stuff and so funny when you say i i. I was in a very gentle successful very left drama school a little bit early to go play in the west end vanessa. Redgrave not banned star. And but i. i don't. I always used to say that i would still do this. Even if i was doing it in the streets in. But i would. I would be just as happy and i'm there was always that kind of attitude a little bit and then eventually i did do it in the streets in pelvis and that was a big turning point my life when i in two thousand eleven i did a the passion in patel and i worked on it for about two or three years and it was with the with the community and it took place all over the talent. It was like one. Non stop performance seventy two hours in the town over the weekend and in development that over the two and a half years or whatever it was. I did spend more time back home than i devastate. I mean there's always back and forth. I wouldn't see my family. But i spent more time there than i ever had and i go and i had a completely new kind of perspective on the community that i grew up in the community i grew up in but community and i saw i sort of went match all the different organizations and charities and support groups and stuff in the town because i wanted to kind of guess of the work that people do in town to help other people. It's a long story but it was basically a version of the east story. I'm not religious myself. But i use that as a kind of a template and it was a modern story about the town of patel but But using the story of jesus in the passion as a kind of a way for people to kind of know any fatima fund the first time an a key to a was for me was the stuff that he's always seen as doing there. Are people doing everyday in communities all over all over the country and all of the world. And so i wanted to sort of do a story about until i met all these people in these organizations and i for the first time out a real sense of a the incredible work that people are too in. On that they don't got any pay for they. Don't get any you know then on the front pages of newspapers and all that stuff. But that they're doing the things of getting that gm doing the real work of community. And i realized it was getting like every time i went back so i would. I would go and work in the time for. And i go away for a few months and i come back again and every time i came back something else had gone something else disappeared like there was a woman who who's son died. Actually our son was in my class in school. And i remember when he died when we were eleven i it was a horrible accident and i met her and she said that she was. She'd rented a little room in local senator and she was the only person offering grief counseling because she had gone through this and there was no one that and so she had started in counseling. And then i went away. And i came back and it wasn't there anymore because the money for that little room in the community center been cut and i kept noticing this all the time so on the one hand i got more and more of an appreciation of the work that people are doing and on the other hand i got more and more of a sense of more more has been cut and you know and it was the council. Budgets are being cut and inevitably. I didn't mean to be political. it was just. I'm fair unfair. And that wasn't happening. In other communities that i would be filming inference when i was feeling good omens we filmed a lot in oxfordshire amazing communities. They're beautiful and i would go from one.

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