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Severe weather Station News Radio 6 10 W TV End 28 states now mandating mask wearing outside of the home, Ohio, not yet one of them. But Sunday on NBC's meet the press governor Mike DeWine said, it's not just about any potential mandate about getting people to understand and follow the mandate. If one's put in place, getting a 20 year old to understand that he or she may feel invulnerable, nothing's gonna happen to them. But they made get it. They may not know they have it. They may go home and see their grandmother. She may get it. She may end up dying. That's a message that you know we're trying to get out across the state of Ohio. Six Ohio counties are under mandatory mass quarters in central Ohio, including Franklin County, Columbus City School District now preparing for the possibility of not holding classes in person. This fall on ABC Sixes. Jesse Starkey talked to talked about with Superintendent Doctor to Lisa Dixon indicated to staff in a letter sent last week. If school goes to remote on Lee, Dr Dixon says students will have access to technology. The school has an extra 20,000 chromebooks. They will be giving the students to use, she says. Online classes will be very similar to the remote learning that launched at the start of the pandemic In this spring, the grab and go meal program will also continue, and Dr Dixon called the current Corona virus numbers sobering. U. S Surgeon general Dr Jerome Adam says the responsibility falls on the American people to prevent the spread of Corona virus Administration really fight to protect our freedoms. But we want people to know freedom comes with responsibility and part of that responsibility means wearing a face covering when you go out, watching your hands, trying to watch her distance around other people, because we know those are the keys for preventing cases so that those that don't turn on the hospitalizations and unfortunately turned into people dying, and President Trump says he will not consider a nationwide facemask mandate as states across the country or seeing a recent spike in Corona virus cases. Radio 6 10 W TVN sports. This memorial termine updated Kemah Financial Credit Union, 24 year old John Rob today is ranked as the number one golfer in the world after winning the memorial tournament by three shots. I'm incredibly proud to sit here and be the memorial Tournament champion when an event on the PGA Tour four years in a row number one in the world is this a lot of accomplishments today that hard to believe Ryan Palmer. It's six under was second. Matthew Fitzpatrick minus five was third Western lt's Jason Day four under tied for fourth more practice for the Blue Jackets today as they continue to prepare for the NHL restart in Toronto and the crew preparing for their match. Against Atlanta tomorrow night crew to and Oh, so far, the analysis back tournament Matt McCoy, these radios extendable you tvn Sunny and hot again today just a slight chance for a pop up shower this afternoon. The high 92 Claudia Mild tonight the low 71 that makes the sun and clouds tomorrow another chance for an afternoon shower storm in another high of 92 sunshine. Now 75 your severe weather station. I'm Scott Jennings stayed connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour, 30 minutes Fast and his news breaks. Glennbeck starts next to show His radio 6 10 w TVs. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Program, then America. Welcome to the program. We're so glad that you have joined us today. I want to start with a quick news update. Just a Just to go or just the news stories from today. I was looking at them early early this morning. About three o'clock and I and I thought, I don't think I have ever seen a news cycle. Like what we're in right now. Just about everything is on fire. But the good news is we're not You're not. I'm not. Well, I mean, we're kind of smoldering there, but but we're not necessarily on fire. Not yet. Um, so we'll we'll get to it and point out some of the absolutely stunning things that are now racist. I don't know if you know this, but Sleep now has been deemed racist. And I'm not making it up. Welcome to America 2020. Here we go. Lock up. Because we begin in one minute. Thiss is Glenn Beck program. God, We're so glad that you're here. Okay, Let me tell you about our our sponsor before we before we get started. It's Patriot Mobile right now with Patriot Mobile. If it is, it's It's so.

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