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A murderer or a army military dude like how you supposed to be like well there's this car today jamal lion gay billionaire popstar don stand it still i think that you know it's all about paying dues and i don't always have to audition for instance there was a cameo that reggie huddling asked me to do in marshall as langston hughes that was just that was just him asking me to do with their other movies that are coming up that you know i either created for myself or or were created with me and mind so it's it's it's kind of luck at a draw it's just but but i'm certainly in my mind i'm certainly not above auditioning i still auditioned for alien covenant let's talk about that how did you how did you get that i audition like everybody else i don't think they knew who i was really yeah i don't i mean they knew like once i got onset they knew who i was but i don't think that really scott my sitting at home watching empire being like ooh i love kooky city i'm curious because really scott is one of the great directors modern hollywood what is being directed fucked up with that egypt's and movie you really of the gate two bucks when when you are being directed by really scout what is that like what are his notes like when he comes over like okay that was great but he's so funny he's so funny and he so he's so funny and serious at the same time it's so exciting to watch him work because he's literally like a little kid and a candy store and he's so respectful you know what i'm saying of of people's time and people's talent it's so interesting because we worked on french hours like french lunch hours where we would work through our lunch and he because his whole thing is we work six thirty in the morning to six thirty in the evening every single day and his whole thing is people should be able to have dinner with their families and like whoa i've never ever been on a set like that in my life.

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