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Quoted as saying shipping is our family tradition now the success of foremost this company is largely due to its close ties to the chinese government in particular china state shipbuilding corporation a corporation with which foremost has done large volumes of business now this company the chinese state shipping corporation the state run company by the chinese government or the se schweitzer rights as a stain on defense conglomerate at the heart of the chinese government's military complex the main goal of the chinese company is to strengthen the chinese military now james and angela chow both side on the board of a css see this chinese government company off of a offshoot of that company they've sat on the board while foremost the child companies in america company their ships have been constructed by chinese government shipyards and some of the construction financed by the chinese government he writes he says in addition there crews are largely chinese despite us transportation secretary and company founders elaine chao having once said that ships crewed by americans or a vital part of our national security given all this it's worth noting how both mcconnell mitch mcconnell and elaine chao in their roles has high ranking us officials have personally interacted with and then gone considerably soft on china since their nineteen ninetythree wedding when senator mcconnell who took hard line positions against china prior to his marriage met with high ranking chinese officials in nine hundred ninety four was not in this capacity as a senator but via a personal information from the se chinese company arranged by james chow elaine's father mcconnell met with zimmerman then the country's president and vice premier li lanquing after this meeting mcconnell quote would increasingly avoid public criticism of china unquote and more meetings like it would follow in the years to come schweitzer rights as that chows and the chinese government went into business together the chows mcconnell's tied their economic fate to the good fortunes of beijing where mcconnell to critique beijing aggressively or support policies damaging to chinese interests beijing would severely damage the family's economic fortunes in the ensuing years is this boring everybody is this boring.

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