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Color tax about directing the Showtime series escape at Dan Amora. It's based on the true story of two murderers who escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate New York in twenty fifteen with the help of a woman who wasn't Floyd. There some scenes were shot in that prison going into that prison. The first thing I thought about was getting out that was like I was so happy to leave. So it doesn't shock me that anybody in their would wanna get out. Even if you knew the odds were against you the series stars Benicio del Toro, Paul Dino, and Patricia Arquette who just won a Golden Globe for her performance. Whilst killer was editing the series. He started playing Michael Cohen on Saturday Night Live. Attorney at law. And also sometimes not in law. That's on fresh air. First news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. President Trump is preparing to deliver his first primetime address to the nation from the Oval Office tonight. It's the ultimate bully pulpit from which to make the case for building more wall along the border with Mexico. It's an issue that prompted a standoff with congressional Democrats in a partial government shutdown NPR's Asia Roscoe reports Trump's audience will include eight hundred thousand federal workers directly affected by the shutdown. Trump is pressuring congress to provide funding for what he now describes as a steel barrier. The president is expected to argue that the situation at the border is a crisis and that a physical barrier is necessary for national security. The White House is asking for five point seven billion dollars for new construction along a total of two hundred and thirty four miles democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will follow with the joint rebuttal so far Democrats have refused to back any funding for a while. Which? They argue would be ineffective at addressing problems at the border Aisha Rasco NPR news Washington, while the White House works to win over Americans on the border wall to of Trump's closest advisers are overseas trying to manage the fallout. From Trump's sudden announcement to withdraw US troops from Syria. So far Turkey a NATO? Ally is not happy with national security advisor. John Bolton's demand that Turkish forces refrained from attacking Kurdish fighters in Syria. Kurdish forces were helping the US fight ISIS. Meanwhile, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is meeting with US allies in the Middle East. Iraq is discussing with Syria the goal of stepping up the fight against ISIS along its border NPR's. Jane Arraf has the latest from Baghdad. Iraqi prime minister Adalah Bill. Mattie says ISIS is a common threat along the almost four hundred mile long border between Iraq and Syria, senior Iraqi security officials recently in Damascus discussing the fight against ISIS after a possible pullout of US troops. Chiefs from Syria. Iraq already launches Aaron mortar strikes into Syria with the approval of the government. They're sending ground forces across the border would be another thing Abdul. Matty tells NPR that whether Iraq goes further into Syria depends on what ISIS does Iraqi forces with US help have pushed ISIS out of the cities here, but they're still fighting the group in the mountains and remote border areas. Jane Arraf NPR news, Baghdad a federal grand juries indicting. The Russian attorney who took part in the Trump Tower meeting at the center of special counsel, Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign Italian veselnitskaya is charged with obstruction of Justice in a separate money laundering case in New York before the close the Dow was up two hundred fifty six points more than one percent at twenty three thousand seven hundred eighty seven. This is NPR news from K Q weedy news on Paul land. For california. Governor Gavin Newsom has named Jared Blumenfeld a former Obama administration official to run the California Environmental Protection Agency. Paul Rogers environment writer for the Mercury News managing editor. For science says Blumenfeld is a longtime environmentalist his new job. He's going to basically be in charge of a lot of state policy on air pollution, water pollution, testifies toxic cleanup, things like that. And environmental groups really see him as a champion somebody who in the past has cracked down on polluters and made climate change a top priority. Blumenfeld ran the US EPA's western regional office in San Francisco and previously served as director of the city's department for the environment. State regulators have launched an investigation into an incident in Marin county over the weekend they caused about fifty thousand gallons of raw sewage to spill out of manholes in San Anselmo. This Bill took place amid Sunday's rainstorm that overwhelmed Ross valley. Sanitary district sewer improvement project. Steve Moore is that agencies general manager bypass system that was placed over the weekend was inadequate to convey the storm swollen sewer flows around the project site. So it was an avoidable. Spill had we had pumping hyphen capacity. So it's unacceptable to the sanitary district because of the risks to public health and the environment the sewage flowed into street drains district officials say they think it then went to the San Anselmo in quarter, Madera creek,.

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