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KLBJ news time four zero two. Good afternoon. I'm Eric like, this is a service of fifty floor. Austin police and fire officials kickoff an investigation after a man was cut trying to set fire to the north Austin Muslim community center. A FDR captain Andy Reardon and says they were called in yesterday morning after people smelled gas and cops saw burnt paper with video footage and still photos of a suspect that is seen coming through the fence or in what appears to be gasoline on the side of the building. And then attempting to light the pieces of paper on fire Ruben says even though they have video footage. They still need the public's help in idea in the suspect. A man who orchestrated one of the most gruesome hate crimes in US history faces execution in taxes and China. William king scheduled for lethal injection tonight for the June nineteen ninety eight dragging death of James Byrd junior. A black man from Jasper Austin n w. President Nelson lender says this was a horrific time in American history. But it led to hate crime laws being put on the books crime laws in Texas intricate be but not a lot of people that we have to take these crimes more. Simpson's just prime. That will be consequences on these kind of things. I have lender says there's still much work to be done in the criminal Justice system. And this is a dangerous time in America. Rachel marron say NewsRadio KLBJ good news at the state capital for retired Texas teachers KLBJ's, Chris FOX reports the state house approved a Senate Bill to allow for a cost of living increase gate read Greg bondage, sponsored the Senate version of the Bill the house amended to increase the amount. The state contributes to the teacher pension fund by percent over the next five years. He would also give retirees at one time check of up to twenty four hundred dollars retirees already struggle to pay bills without a long-term cost efficient proposal like the house version of Senate Bill twelve s retirees may never see another supplmental payment or cost of living adjustment after third. Reading of the Bill the house and Senate will have to hash out the differences before shedding the governor Abbott at the capitol. Chris FOX, News Radio KLBJ, Bernie police officer who fatally shot him in for running over his foot is out of a job. Russ. Sel Butler recently been promoted patrol sergeant. But was dismissed after the death of twenty five year old Brandon, Michael Jack, Texas, Rangers are investigating KLBJ. News time four oh four time. Take a look at Austin's on time traffic,.

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