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Suit against blowing a renewed effort to better track and solve violent crimes against native American women to address this issue head on. I'm Carleen Johnson. Good morning. Komo news time, seven o'clock. From ABC news. I'm shell Franzen. The president pushing Democrats on the border wall this morning on Twitter. Asking quote, have the Democrats finally realized that we desperately need border security and a wall on the southern border. Lawmakers are back in Washington after the Christmas break, but ABC's Mary Bruce says on Capitol Hill or are no signs of progress. Here the negotiations are at a standstill while the Senate is set to be in session later today. It doesn't seem either side is really itching to end this. This is now the sixth day of the shutdown over money for the wall Wall Street giving back some of yesterday's record gains. The Dow in negative territory this hour about three hundred seventy four points. Reuters this morning says the president is considering an executive order banning US companies from using equipment built by a pair of Chinese giants while way and Z T police across northern California say they're trying to find a cop killer officer Rono sing was gunned down earlier this week during a traffic stop in the town of Newman. Here's ABC's wheel car. Are really crushing for this police department that has just over a dozen officers on staff a memorial fund has already been set up to help this officers family, and while the search for the suspect continues it's really unclear what led up to that shooting his death. Adding to the number of police officers killed in the line line of duty ABC's Ryan burrow tells us. It's on the rise. Ceo of the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. Craig Floyd says they did notice something unique about the numbers this year. In the last twenty years, we had seen more officers killed in traffic related incidents than any other cause of death. So this year the fact that.

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