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In dallas. Texas started playing the cello before transitioning to the base and he played with his brother Rocky hill and futures easy top drummer beard in local bands. Play the cello with that kind of beard. Man it's all up in the strains sitting there because it's all roz and up. The thirteen fourteen makes a mess semester. Stand up and play the guitar. Yeah they z. Top released their full length. Their first full debut in nineteen seventy one and Yeah he will be missed. Yeah they're cool. Guys definitely hung out those guys a bit like car guys. Of course they are. They're also kind of a weird ban and there were there. Were around for a long time and then had all that mtv success But it was weird that they're having mtv success. Because mtv was about young and hot and boy toy and a very very very young little gina grad and overland park. Kansas watching the legs video over and over and over again. My favorite band in the world hit the formula with every single one of those videos classic hot car hot women and always the john montage eighties videos. That low shot for the camera was down on the asphalt and they show the chicks step out of the car. Somehow we needed a picture of everyone getting out of the car. That was the best part about the stallone's best movie cobra pulls fifty merck tight like it's got to be in the script you know. Close up pavement shop king and redondo beach dude. Slow motion of the monthly. You'll do shitty roddy mcdowell shitty roddy mcdowell that was one thousand percents alone. Oh sorry yeah. That was awesome. Yeah it was like. I should have known to try. Bid on your show i love. Let's see what was he. He was a crime as disease. And i'm the cure. Grandma's disease mccoo pretty good. That's a good job. You need to watch he. That was the first dad joke. If you wanna have a good time you need a good literally said that in that movie. I think it wasn't that movie. How about a good time. You watch i it is it was. It is funny when stallone does comedy. He does a little comedy in that movie. Because there's a part where he's with. Oh god what's her name. God this six foot one brigitte nielsen. Yes courtship my mom will shoot. Also i hope we have more news by the time you hear this but i take very personally. I'm very worried. The star of better call saul bob. Odin kirk was rushed to a new mexico hospital after collapsing onset caused not disclosed as now The source told tmz that crew members immediately surrounded him. He went down. They dialed nine one one. He's fifty eight. He received medical treatment. Overnight bob. Odenkirk spends shooting the sixth and final season of the breaking bad spin off. I cannot wait for the thirteen episode. Season is expected to debut next year on. Amc but don't know what happened. Do you know bob odenkirk jerry. You.

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