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And you hear the sounds and the cells and really get near your feet a foot fetish and realizing that every photo of you as you grew up in they're all gone his parents left the house in a hurry is flames came racing through want able to grab much and now with so many people still missing the sheriff here worries more bodies will be found in the remains of these homes alex stone abc news santa rosa california president trump says the federal government is setting a million dollars to las vegas el pais law enforcement costs related to less weeks mass killings mr trump tweeted wednesday that the grand will have pay for the overtime log by law enforcement officers after the gunman killed fifty eight people and injured hundreds more thaad it abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news this is twenty four seven news on komo news a michael preston just days ever seattle police opened fire on a car full of people there are now three separate investigations into the officer's actions that includes a criminal investigation as police try and determine if the officers used excessive force the off are now on administrative leave jennifer sullivan has more on the investigation than talk to neighbours still rattled by gunfire when the jealous shimaa heard the gunfire outside her window she fell to the floor i only heard about six or seven shots because after that i kind of like didn't want to hearing why i think multi has established named police were called to this eastlake alley sunday night after neighbors say they reported someone was smoking drugs and loading a gun inside a subaru in footage released by the department officers can be seen yelling at the car before it lurched toward them bullets followed sounded like a lot of shots and then to have a second volley with the same seeming amount of shots it was it was kind of fat exciting spd identify.

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