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Dan in bat bombs. Welcome to the show ridiculous stories. What the heck are we talking about? Well, we're about to tell you. Hello. My name is Ben my name is Ben, you know, we did that before with a knife, man. Yes. It's just a great. It's a great musical device. Really that goes into anything with two syllables into. Oh. And I'm also into our super producer Casey peg REM. We were off air today. Just about to jump into the studio and Casey Edano have you ever heard of bat bombs. I have not now I have no idea. What this upsets about unless it's gonna that's the only bomb. I think of that was good. Yeah. No. And funny enough. I think wanna is actually quite flammable and could be potentially used explosives and guate- was also quite valuable, right, right? We did an episode for different show on a cannibal cave. You can you can find seatac haw. We didn't episode accountable cannibal cave that was discovered because of some unscrupulous Cuanto minors bats, actually, a played a surprisingly influential role in US history of various times. And also, that's one of those creatures that are. Up-close a lot of bats that I've run into are pretty gross, but they're still just from a biological perspective. Amazing. They are amazing. And there is a YouTube video or Instagram video wouldn't one of those videos where someone's handling a bat, and it's a particularly cute bat. So they have the potential to be both terrifying and adorable is it a fruit bat, it must have been. So there's there's so many different types of bat. And today, we are talking about a type of plan that the US made with bats, this is okay. So we have to go to different directions here. Right. And maybe tied them together as we continue. I it's no secret to any fan of history or to anyone who's peruse. The adventures of the US military that the US military like many other militaries has kind of spaghetti at the wall approach to developing. New stuff and most of the time it doesn't work out. You know, you know, this reminds me of bad, it's sort of like the Hollywood studio system where you might just have some intern in an office just pit some crazy idea that an executive happens to like, you know, what that's just crazy enough to work. That's a good point. This reminds me of a clip that we cannot for legal reasons play in full for you. But we can tell you what it is. And go check it out on YouTube after this show. John Mullany has a great bit about how back to the future became a film. Did you ever see that? No. I don't think I did know. Oh, man. Okay. Well, we can't stop the show. Just played for you. Now, a Google send you the link it is it is exactly what you were talking about. And that is a very good comparison to the approach that the the military has taken at times today. Our story starts really gets running toward the end of World War Two thanks to a guy named Dr little atoms or Lytle Adams. I'm gonna go with little got to be little little Adams L Y T L E. Yeah. I think if that's why I'm giving him space to be Lytle Adams to just in case because I don't like would you want to be walking around called Little Brown? Yeah. You'll be indefinitely. I support that wholeheartedly. So Dr Adams doesn't begin life as a mad scientist for San. He starts life in Irwin, Pennsylvania and for longtime. He works as a dentist for that. Presumably as a baby. Yes. Yeah. No he began life as middle aged dentists. That's crazy common medical condition is that like is that like Benjamin button sort of yet Benjamin button is is loosely based on adventures of the dentist, Dr Adams now the adventures of little atoms. That sounds like a fun rollicking. Good time sounds like a real rock, doesn't it? So here's what happened in real life, Dr Adams, and you might not see this unless you watch the director's cut of Benjamin button. Dr Adams is driving home from vacation at harles bad.

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