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Whether genetically modified, Kevin dish bananas could survive Panama disease. Remember once Panama disease struck the soil remains contaminated with the fungus. So we put this. This chain into the single cells and grew bananas back in two thousand twelve they began field trials that would last a few years, planting, both genetically modified and non GM bananas in the Humpty doo soil, would they find? So what we found is a number of things may found that the non GM bananas with between one hundred percent of the dating fictive after three years, so that does as was having pretty big impact. Okay. That's important to know that Panama disease was still in the soil. Which men if a genetically modified plant survived. It was surviving Panama disease. So how did the genetically modified plants do Dale and his team planted, six, different lines of GM Cavendish plants? One of those lines raise the Jamie, putting John. So Taylor line three appeared to be completing me under the threes. None of the plants infected a toll, so sensually. But we've done is we've taken a Jane from wild banana, that he's resistant to trouble the rightful. We've taken that one banana Jane, and we've gone to put it into cavity. And by doing that we've, we've generated resistance to the disease. This was amazing. Banana news RJ to line three was a clear winner. Some the other genetic modifications did well to three of the other lines had relatively high levels resistance way. There was twenty percent lace plants either infected Dade, which was to us, critical outcome rarely get that sort of percentage, the so two things they tell me a pretty excited about that. And there was something else to be excited about the other really important thing we found was that the Jane will be put in this GT Jane not only occasion, these vol bananas. But it also Kazin, Kevin, it just doesn't Blick very well. And Senate textually really, really important. Because there's a new technology known as gene, editing. It's different. Jane modifications, gene, editing. These we can go into the DNA and just tweet chains that are already there, such very, very close to some natural processes, that's why now starting to, to figure out how we can tweak the Jane in Kevin Daesh to make them resistant, but actually adding any new James toll this type of gene, editing is made possible by something known as crisper which as I'm sure you know stands for clustered regularly space short Powell drunk repeats. We spoke with one of Christopher's inventors, the biochemist..

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