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You Just some of the interviews were really great. I liked talking with gillette. Clark was great because she knows. She made an olympic team at thirty seven that historic year. Eight hundred where it was georgia hazel. Giral so. I like being in the same similar position like i was hoping to lead into many Laughs olympic team. And i was like okay. If you can do it in eight hundred. I can do it in a ten k so that was cool. It was really cool to talk. We talk to chalene. Anther mom cheryl and jessica connection there. Because cheryl was such a pioneering when you hear what she went through the nsee. How good guy in really see that threat of like okay like she. She walked so you could run like it was really amazing So the historical ones recall. I feel like the ones of women who story was more complete. You know but we also talked to you. Know some of the athletes still competing now So some of the younger athletes That was cool just to see what what they gone through Kinda like what. They're learning with what they're like future. Goals are so exciting. So when do you have a publish date or a date bat. We can all look forward to to click that Available as presale Add to cart. I don't go on. Presale will be but the publishing timeframe is like january february timeframe so very exciting and give us an update on the keeping track front if people are not subscribed to keeping track in the podcast listening up of your choice. Make sure you do that. It is probably my favorite running podcast. It's excellent. I love it. All i want is more episode so give us a little update where things that with keeping track in. Do you have anything exciting coming up. Yeah we kinda kicked up the gear. A little bit going forward. We were doing like one episode a month the last couple months just because i was trying to focus in get ready so we slowed it down a little bit. But we've talked to We're doing like three episodes this week. Basically so we're kind of kicking it up a notch. We're gonna talk to. We talked to any hastings. That's coming out. We're gonna talk to wassily justice. Who made the four hundred teen We're gonna do a little bit of topical Just chat between all three coming up. So yeah definitely were. We put some things on the back burner now. I feel like we all have more time to kinda go again. I mean the fact that you and row and alesia are able to get all three together at the same time ever astounds me because you're also busy and have so much going on Is awesome. So i'm very excited to hear that we're gonna get even more coming up. That's fun yes then. Our next challenges hayden saying this the whole time. But we're gonna get better sound quality eventually that our final frontier usually were. Were on the go. We'll just be like in a car on our phone or something. So it said yeah. That's been a little bit touching go but We we definitely have a little things. We wanted one improve in do just need at the time so yeah time if anyone can figure out how we can all get a little more of that. That would be great. I could use a little more totally. So i would love to hear your sort of overall thoughts on the state of the running industry right now. Sort of coming off the trials the olympics coming up in a time that's been anything but ordinary and kind of thrown everyone for a loop Especially after the trials. You mentioned this earlier. But we're seeing this new era of young athletes like. Oh my gosh. I mean a thing. Mo- holy cow just ripping it on the track and then we see favorites like jenny simpson for the first time. Not making these teams if you had to give a running state of the union. What are some of the points that would be top of mind for you. Oh gosh I think if exciting. I think there's been a lot of big changes this last you know year or two The pandemic influenced everybody differently for sure. I think it started dependent what your infrastructure was at the time you know. If you're just a free floating athlete it was probably a difficult to put together your facilities and stuff If you were you know if your school shutdown like some of the ivy leagues didn't even have a season that's gonna affect you differently than a school. That was able to go ahead and so there's a lot of. I think that affected everyone really differently. urine older athlete. You know for years long time. Five years is longer so that didn't help and the spike technology i think has kind of Rewritten some of the record. Books a little bit there. So they're just a felt like there was like an earthquake in the running world in. We're dislike seeing these like hotlines. Change everything and some things are good. And some things are weird I think we're seeing more. I think we like. I liked the coverage of the trials. I think we're seeing more stories being mentioned Which was nice. I that was something people had asked for. But there still are times where you know it's like there's some preordained like media focused that you would like to see spread out a little more but i do think that's getting better and just yeah. I think i think we're seeing the sport. Jump a level in our country which is cool. I think we're gonna see we're going to see some metals At at the olympics and The bar the bar keeps getting raised. I think it's cool to see that happen every every couple generations or so. Yeah not that. It was ever easy to make an olympic team as you can attest to for sand But certainly seeing some of those times like a one fifty six eight hundred from a woman fresh out of college like it's it's crazy man. That's that's my state of the union. It's crazy man. Yeah that's a good that's again get state of the union. I think that captures it pretty well. The sub citing offering has been on fire. And it's gonna be so exciting just to see that women's eight under team it's like i just can't see how they don't go one two three of the world like i'm just like how like we're sending such good teams for some of these events Cool yeah so you'll be watching the olympics. Do you do any. Are you going to do anything special. You someone who likes to watch stuff just like kind of chill at home with a puppy on your lap or are you like in olympic party watching.

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