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I get him off on the next one and leave leave the race team to develop the car on the race team to to run the car, and we get the car with the beginning of the year. We get the car running get it settled work it out there'd be some development program. Agreed. And then ROY would start thinking about the next time. When you get in that motion you get in that rhythm, then it's very strong and. Great team mechanics led by Nigel set names in a fantastic job. Stephanie running team every every element of the team was working, well, and very United and very very emergent. Modulus team is the word very together very together group. Did you sense that Michael's hunger? Dimmed any point in went by the time. He'd knocked up seven world championships and ninety one victories. Was there? Did you feel him ease offered tool or was the hunger? There like it was his first race win. I mean, I never I never. And I suppose I was I'm as guilty as he was in the way that I left Ferrari after ten years, and I decided after ten years is a great time every year have been fabulous and never never regretted a single year. But almost wanted it to stay that way. And I decided to ten years Nash round number. Now, our logical is that to an engineer. They stop work at friar after ten years because it's a nice round number. Doesn't make a lot of sense. But it just felt like ours. Having a great time. And I was nervous of it at step down at some stage. We'd had couple of tough years, but we'd come out of it. We'd got on top of it. And in fact, that team won the championship in two thousand seven so with the car that was designed while I was still there and program that was. Any just, but they did and two thousand six we will once again, so I was pretty pleased with where the team was. And Michael just said to me that he was tired. He he he was hankering after being able to do other things that you couldn't do the level of commitment and devotion that he needed to give them on. He was never a guy was going to do half-hearted job. So he. He he knew the levels of commitment that he would want to give it give to the project. They just decided he didn't want to make that commitment anymore. He was tied on they wanted to have some time to himself. And that was that was as much of an explanation as he gave me for stuffing. So what changed fast food to twenty ten when you he came back with you at Mercedes. Well, I think he'd he'd wristed. Scratched a few eight hundred. Yeah, you've had those years of so doing the various things he hold enough to bike. I wish he'd done the things that he wanted to do. And I I understand that because I've kind of done the same. I've had three years of retirement before coming back to this role and. In a way. You miss the image. The. Structure on the rhythm of the of the job the life the challenges. Yeah. I had a pretty busy three is a retirement their various things factoring. Reckon she so less of me when I was retired than when I was working, but but a different pace and that that's the thing. I discovered that retirement everything I did at my own pace, this business, drives you different speed. And so it can be addictive it can be very appealing. And I think he found the same. They'd eat had, you know, he's three years or whatever four years of just running his own life at whatever pace he wanted to and. He missed perhaps the discipline and the the pace of for Moore who made the first move for twenty ten. Well, what what happened? If you remember because of. Philippe as accident Mico tried to get back in the car, and that kind of alerted me to that. He was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. It had his bike accident. And yeah, he had his neck quite badly much more than people. Probably appreciate it is he kept a call at quiet and. And they couldn't drive eventually had to admit he couldn't drive the car when they tried to get him in the Ferrari. Isn't neck was just giving him too much grief?.

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