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Shelflife not as long davis two thousand your years a dominant presence for denver helped they'll way would a super bowl pd belonged hoping voters finally got that right last year i've been begging at drum now for years but selja left tackle was as good as it gets in jacksonville both teams had walked brunell at freddie taylor a karim mccardle and jimmy smith but cell he was an anchor on that day dominant left ankle so my final vote for the hall of fame class of two thousand eighteen would be tony boselli so i gave you six i think i via four absolute no brainer whose i gave it to other guys that stick out to me that deserve consideration and i get it it is very difficult to measure and george alignment compared to a safety compared to an offensive gore compared to those sexy skill position players all i'm back oh who's going silent silent as in the middle of every day but one thing that i absolutely positively need to see our saturday night it's sterile islands in a hall fan after beating the drum for two years it's been an absolute joke that owens is not in the hall of fame it's time to get it right this time around a anybody's listen and finisher get a fourday five five two one two four cbs i'd warfied a call in and try and make the case that t l around him us on our famous i know they're not the greatest guys in a world that other with tough to deal with at times drought there nfl careers but if you will get wide receivers that dominated the sport didn't multiple places did it at the highest of levels possible you can't think about late 90s early 2000s winds football where thinking about randy moss entire allowance dale hall of famers there's no doubt mahmut eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four two two seven who's in who's out when it comes to the two thousand eighteen pro football hall of fame and coming up next we have john horrible in baltimore potentially on the hot seat i mean talk about something that makes absolutely positively no sense well not according to ravens owner steve but shatti we'll get to that a lot more to.

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