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Grice and witness tampering. Stone was arrested Friday as part of Robert Muller's Russia investigation soon allegedly acted as a go between for the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, which posted unflattering stolen democratic emails online. National security officials are testifying before the Senate intelligence committee about threats to the US intelligence director. Dan Coats, says the range of threats against the US is a toxic myth mix of strategic competitors. Regional powers weak or failed states and non-state actors using a variety of tools in overt and subtle ways to achieve their goals. So to also contradicted the Trump administration's claims that ISIS has been defeated the Iran nuclear deal was not working and that North Korea would dismantle its nuclear arsenal. The US State Department says Americans should not travel to Venezuela right now due to crime, civil unrest. And the threat of being randomly arrested. Today's warning raise the travel advisory to its highest level is dealing with an escalating political and economic crisis. The UN. Says at least twenty people have been killed by the Venezuelan government's crackdown on protesters to boats full of migrants headed toward Saudi Arabia have capsized off the eastern coast of Africa. The UN says five people have been killed and more than one hundred thirty are missing witnesses say large waves caused the boats to tip over the Houston. Police chief says to people killed after firing are narcotics officers were a man and woman both in their late. Fifties officers were mmediately shot at yesterday when they forced their way into a house to investigate alleged sales of black tar heroin police chief art 'Seveso Vado says one of the officers had been shot on the job twice before. Most people would call it a day after being shot and surviving. This man is fifty four years old. He's a case agent on this case that he was there in the fruit wines, investigators found drugs and two rifles inside the house.

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