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Live from South Florida Brian Maggio starts right now sixty W. Y. O. D. every state was opened last month so a lot of other states are starting to open this month so there's a great hope that we can continue with this momentum yes sure enough and didn't Ding dang we are on stand by for the president as he is going to talk about the economy the jobs numbers coming out this morning now one thing about all this and happy Friday by the way one thing about all this if you happen to listen to the show yesterday you would be surprised by what was reported this morning I know everybody else and their brothers all my gosh how did we get here all this and that well one of the things that pointed out is we don't know based upon weekly jobless claims what what's really going on that's half the picture all a weekly jobless number tells you well this many people filed for unemployment yes but yes but and the S. but is well how many people are actually going back to work how many people are being hired we did now we don't know what the impact of re opening was on the US economy until Wednesday when the ADP private sector jobs report came out and win I ended up digging into that information shared it with you a little bit on Wednesday but more so yesterday I pointed out and explain how eleven to seventeen million more people are working then the forty million figure being reported eleven to seventeen million more people working and then what your god also sends letters news media was just running with not all right now we have president trump now on these job numbers lance lance is very we are ready for the president hello we are stand by for present trouble we also right now have a lance larue's so he is a former law enforcement officer he has an attorney and he is a guy that is doing a lot of good trying to help protect those that protect all of us in our communities he's the author of the hunting of men when cops killed and peacemaking also blue news lance thank you for taking the time with us today how you doing I'm doing well thank you I I'm never confuse with the president before I have my own secret service detail but that might well I I know that you have a lot of experience in in helping protect people you know better are quite significant and lance we take a look at where we are this moment in our country's history it's alarming so we have all these the fun police movements going on around the country your thoughts on where we stand right now well so far the deep unbelief movement these are people who failed third grade law enforcement are the people who are in impoverished communities making a difference in trying to keep people alive keeping kids out of the hands of drug dealers and trying to keep gangs from getting all the kids when they're young and nobody else seems to be doing that so D. funding the police when I see that I want to add and then what because if you don't have law enforcement in a community you have anarchy well you you in and we see that this weekend yet this the fine movement is under way now I mean your backgrounds they both in law enforcement but also it in attorney how much of what's going on do you think is politics versus people that actually believe and more or less anarchy here sure I think the anarchists are there there are few and far between they're a very small group but the only way they can get any leverage is to burn buildings break windows can kill people that's what they do but they always show up to protest because there's a lot of people there they show up to peaceful protest and they caused the confusion because the police resources are taken up and it's everything from if you can have a peaceful protest people having to figure out where to park their having to walk there having to close streets and they take advantage of the fact that there's confusion there and and a lot of police resources so the people that don't understand the difference between a protester and a writer a protester is the first amendment activity it is a person of the person who is peaceful and have a message and the law enforcement officers wind up showing up because on the other end of the spectrum we have writers who were committing crimes the law enforcement officers have an obligation to protect the first amendment rights of the peaceful protesters and the property there to make sure it's protected from the writers and the best example we have of that and the ignorance we see of people saying well it got violent because the police were there and right here look at what happened when five law enforcement officers were murdered in Dallas a couple years ago people forget they were providing security for an anti law enforcement rally those law enforcement officers gave their lives to protect protesters who were protesting them the land today and I thought law enforcement I hear what you're saying I agree with your what with where you're coming from certainly but I do not have an arc is the running governments I mean you have the mayor of LA who is actually going along with the the fun movement we also have governments in Nashville I believe I don't want to speak out of turn but I believe it might have even been Philadelphia and also in Minneapolis where you have politicians I mean they hold seats they hold purse strings that are right now making movements to cut off funding to law enforcement I mean that to me is pretty scary well it is scary but it's also politics so I would guarantee you look at the people who are screaming louder loudly I would call it a cacophony of ignorance but the people who are yelling the loudest are probably up for reelection and the more they're up for reelection and they're in trouble on the reelection or the more their cities having problems with finances and other issues the more they're screaming and somebody brought something up just very well and I forget which governor or or mehr they were talking about they said you know this is the same person who just sense what keys to shut down church services and they're out there marching with protesters and criticizing the swat team for trying to keep things from becoming violent what land to you point out something that's really important too and I really appreciate the work that you do I appreciate you taking the time with us today lance larusso is a former law enforcement officer he's an attorney the author of hunting of man when cops kill and peacemaking also a blue news the the issue we have is you literally have people that are putting their communities at risk and they are willing to do it in the name of politics and these people are also advocating for lawlessness one thing and I reference this yesterday and it's so incredibly wrong and I am not interested in in naming names here in South Florida but it's happened right here too we have had it it's been fashion to was that as long as a protest is peaceful that it is it's good it's an exercise the first amendment and everything else and that is horse crap that is utter horse crap the majority of the protests that have taken place even the peaceful ones have been illegal and the reason is because they've been denying other citizens their rights shutting down the roadways shutting down whole city blocks shutting down businesses that is the nine other people rights and it is wrong that is not protected under the first amendment you do not have the right to deny people their rights so we have two things that are going on two layers of incompetence an anti American unconstitutional behavior with leaders at the local level and in some cases at the federal level across this country the first is going ahead and playing the politically correct along with protest maybe they agree with the message maybe they're just playing politics by going along with it but allowing for lawlessness to happen and allowing for the denial of rights of everybody else in that community that is not participating in a protest that is not sanctioned that is not going about the right way but that is a form of caving in to unlawful and unconstitutional behavior and every one of those leaders in every community from here to south border across the country should be ashamed of themselves that should never happen in the name of political correctness people do properly placard permit thank you you have to let them but I understand what you're saying some of the spontaneous protests that you know do because a lot of problems I know that one of the things it's not being recorded is the officers and peaceful protesters getting along just fine the we've seen officers who have been comforting people who are upset we've seen protesters who have grabbed it people committing crimes and drug them to the police line so they can be arrested because they didn't want any part of them I just saw the wire recently out for a protest in it specifically stated on there if you're there to commit violence don't show up in there these some of these folks are meeting with law enforcement had a time they're doing it right they're getting permit and they're saying to law enforcement look this is what we want we're not about the criminal activity where do you want to park where do you want us to walk very appropriate place for us to be and on the other side of this what's getting lost somebody just sent me an email and said how come we have mainstream media programs not talking about the coup on Forsman officers being murdered in the past ten days correct when we look at the the the the underlying complaint aside from the fact that they're lying about racism being rampant at law enforcement that sounds really nice the headline but it's not true but when you start looking at this people complaining we want to improve law enforcement let's face it that's the most laudable goal these folks happy how are you doing that by having officers work twenty one hours yeah by returning home to their families covered in urine and feces and spat because people have been abusing them the entire time they were there and when those officers decide you know I'm done and they walk away and other people who are thinking about getting into law enforcement say I'm never going to apply if you don't like the people we have now you're going to hate the second string when we were trying to hire people can pass background checks it is the biggest fear of had for a long time really do appreciate a Lansing hope you have a great weekend keep fighting the good fight and right on cue with what lance was talking about we have suffered ninety five line of duty deaths already in twenty twenty including four in Florida we have fifty one percent a fifty one percent increase in loss of life in the line of duty this year over the same day last year fifty one percent increase top that past two years the top cause of death for law enforcement murder it doesn't get talked about and it is unfortunate that the horrible actions of a few our paper as the norm in that you have these.

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